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Just a little sin episode (49&50)


Episode 49

All through the service my mind was divided, I couldn't concentrate.

I wanted the service to be over so that I can go and have a chat with Omie.

I saw her twice walk pass where I was seated as she direct people to different empty seats in front.

The first time, she didn't look at my side but she did on the second time and even flashed me a smile.

I also kept scanning through the congregation and church workers for Konji but didn't see him anywhere.

I wonder what happened to him or probably he wasn't in church today.

Konji wouldn't miss church service because that's the only means he gets to show off his professional begging acts.

Something must've happened for him to be absent in church today, the very day I decided to come.

I wish to see him so that I can know how life is treating him.

Immediately the service was over, I went to stand outside to wait for Omie and also to search for Konji, probably I will see him outside.


I turned and it was Omie

"... you look good, fresh and added some weight. This new job is obviously treating you well. How're you, I have really missed you..."

"I'm well, thanks. How're you doing too, I have also missed you and miss church too" I replied with a smile.

"You decided to show up today, I'm glad you're well, I was a bit worried at some point. I saw you in a terrible state of health in my dream but is all good now that you're standing in front of me, I try reaching you severally but your mobile number isn't going through. Well, I'm doing alright and the church miss you too..."

"Please, have you seen Konji my friend today? I finally asked her while still looking around.

"Your friend Konji, is no more coming to church. Well, he got into some trouble back then and his official post was taken from him to avoid taking the church name to the mud. Integrity, the light and truth that the church stands for must be highly maintained, Konji kept breaking the rules despite several warnings. He was sent to a counseling class but he refused attending, guess he stopped coming to church ever since then..."

I felt bad for Konji after listening to Omie

It must be pride and stubbornness that made him to stop coming.

Attending a counseling class would have helped him greatly, at least he will come to understand that some of the things he was doing were not smartness but daytime thievery.

Omie asked me to give her few minutes so that she can round up with what she was doing.

I waited and in no time we left.

She drove to the same fast food that she Once take Konji and I to some months back when we were still new to the church.

She ordered food for both of us but in truth I really don't have appetite but I thanked her and when I began to eat I realized I was seriously hungry.

She hushed me to stop so that we can pray first.

I paused and she said a short prayer and I continued eating

I never knew I was that hungry

Leaving very early for Church without tasting anything and having so many things crowding my mind made my appetite disappeared 

I finished my food and felt real good.

I began talking with Omie, she was very easy to talk with and I freely narrated in brief everything I have gone through ever since I started the job

I didn't leave out the kindness of madam and her daughters

I didn't want to go deep because of time, but I make sure I let her know the major things.

I also told her about the dream

She was quiet all through the time and even after the story.

She suddenly took my hands into hers and prayed for straight five minutes.

She spoke to me about God, she told me different Bible stories

She promised to get me a gift by next Sunday if I can make it down.

I told her that I will definitely come with or without a gift.

Her presence warms me up and I love the way she talk about God, she makes me want to listen even more.

Her Bible stories were quiet intriguing, I just imagined the characters in my mind as she tells the story.

Omie striking resemblance with my late Onie maybe strange but that makes me want to listen to her more, to follow her guidelines and do what she asked of me.

Omie is not only kind, she is a God sent to me and I don't want to joke with all of that.

She bought a take away food and gave me with some cash

I thanked her as we left

She dropped me off at the bustop that can easily connect me to Konji's house.

I speed up to see Konji briefly.

I got to his house and he was about going out.

"Tom my guy, Tom Tom my gee..." He hailed me loudly while raising up his hand in a saluting fashion.

I began to laugh

"Hope all this praises for me does not attract a fee because I don't have anything for you, there's no money with me... just so you know.." I said lightly

"Forget money Tom, everything is not about money. There's more to life and you remembering me today means everything. I know before you go, you won't leave me empty handed, not with all this your fine clothes and freshness..."

"I knew it, you better don't get your hopes up. How're you doing Konji? How's life treating you ever since I left you in this your trenches...."

"Very good. Life has been good to me, hallelujah..." He said trying to sound convincing but there's no conviction in his voice.

He looked worn out, rough and slimed down.

I wonder when last he had a haircut and a shave.

"You are not in church today, hope you weren't sacked?

"Sacked? Never..I just decided to try another church too. You know my blessing does not come from one place. I have a new church but I have only attended once, I'm contemplating if I want to go again or check another place out. This new church seems stingy with everything even to their smile. They're boring..."

"You haven't changed one bit Konji, you're still going from church to church, performing your dangerous tricks.."

"You wouldn't blame me, man gat to hustle. Anyway I choose to do it, is far better than carrying gùñ to steal. There's this other new church I just discovered, is in an estate close to the second round about if you're going to the market. This new church has crowd and I heard they use to even pay their workers very well and give their new members a good treat. Come with me next Saturday which happens to be their Virgil, let's check it out"

"No thanks, I'm good. I have already pitched my tent in Omie's church. I was also told that you got yourself into some trouble and you were sent to be counseled but instead you left without coming back..." I finally said, just to let him know that I'm already aware of his secrets deed

"Since they already filled you in, why are you still asking me questions? Well, truthfully.. I was warned before the final dismissal. I wasn't really dismissed but a whole lot of people are already aware of the incident and I won't be able to walk past them without some of them knowing my stories. Sincerely, the church helped me, they gave me a huge amount of money to start any business of my own, when I was caught the second time, the pastor called me into his office and prayed for me and also wrote a cheque for me to cash out, it was another huge amount after I told him how my rent expired, how I don't have helper or any food and my dream of learning a skill. After my forged pathetic story he believed me and gave me money..."

"So.. what do you do with all this money, why did you went back tasking members to give you money.." I asked curiously.

"I played two straight sure game with some of the money but unfortunately I didn't win. I used some to enjoy myself in a hotel for one week with one fine lady that later stole from me. I loosed all the money and had no choice than to return back to the same acts. Tom, I'm in a serious debt right now and the man is threatening to lock me up if I don't provide his money in a week time. I borrowed the money last two month and promised to pay back half of the month this month and the remaining later. I was given this number in my dream and somebody also gave me a number to play with, I was supposed to win fifty million but my game cut, just one of the games cut out, it affected other of my game numbers that has already entered the winning poll, that particular number spoiled the whole game. Tom, gambling isn't favoring me like it's happening for others, is time to quit. I'm just looking for means to get out of this huge debt I got myself into. I feel really frustrated Tom, I can't pretend or lie to you because you know me too well, can you lend me some money...I promised to pay back next month, unfailingly..."

I heaved a heavy sigh before telling him that I don't have money

I narrated how I was almost killed and just recovered 

I will be resuming work fully by next week.

He asked me to go and get from either my colleague, friends or even borrow from my madam.

I hand the pack of food in my hand to him and a little cash for him to get a haircut atleast.

I told him that's the only thing I can afford for him.

I really hope he stops with the gambling thing, I don't know how to help or advice Konji again.

I told him once I get a phone, I will call him and if I have anything by then I will send to him.

I collected his contact.

He told me that he doesn't have a phone anymore but he will fix it.

I rushed down to see my brother, he was listening to a Gospel preaching on television.

He shook me hard excitedly on seeing me.

He told me about my madam calling him and asking for my whereabouts.

He has been scared and praying for me ever since 

I was also happy to see him and briefly told him what happened to me.

I couldn't stay for long because it was already getting dark.

I needed to rush back to my work place before they will launch another search hunt for me.

I asked of Chumi but he responded absently.

He said they're having issue that is eventually leading to break up.

Yoara said he was focusing more on God and his calling, worldly relationship is a a distraction to him.

I almost laughed at his last statement.

He said that if at the end God said is Chumi that he will get married to then is fine by him but if not is also fine.

Nothing matters most than his relationship with God.

I really don't know what happened between him and his queenly Chumi, the bridge in their relationship is a shock to me though but I won't lie, I felt relieved and happy inwardly.

After another handshake, I left.

I took a cab that will take me straight to my work place.


Episode 50

"You took it Tomasi, just say the truth so that all this whole thing will stop.."

"I really don't have anything to say to you John, I have already told madam that I know nothing about it and I won't tolerate you accusing me of what I Know nothing about.."

"Then who took it? All fingers are pointed at you because you're the only one that went into Madam's room before her expensive gold went missing. There's no other person in this house that steals, we've live here for years before you came, madam and her daughters have never for once complained of missing anything of value not until now. How do you explain that Tomasi?

"I don't have anything to explain to you John. I was only in Madam's room that very day because I needed to cross check the plumbing work I did in her bathroom. I was examining my work both kitchen and other places that I worked on. I just wanted to be sure everything was in order without issue and that was why I went back to her room that yesterday. I also saw somebody sneaking out of the room in the mid afternoon yesterday after madam left, the sound of her door made a disturbing noise and I know that can't be madam. I was at the store then and by the time I came out I couldn't see the person. So, is probably the person that took the expensive gold not me. I will never, ever do such a thing..."

He began to laugh sarcastically

"Well, tell that to madam and not me. She knew you're the only one she gave access to her room and you've been going in there and coming out as you please all in the name of working and now your third leg has landed you into trouble.."

I was stunned at his last statement

"What do you mean by my "third leg" John?

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You came to this house prepared and ready to turn madam and her daughters to your corner so that they will make you there favorite. You succeeded with that without stress. Ever since then, you keep renewing the chårm so that you won't fall out. Madam from asking you to massage her, she freely gave you access to her room, you can walk in and walk out anytime you like. I was walking pass her room one night and heard her moaning like a woman enjoying the touch of a man. you were not in this room that night, you obviously didn't sleep here that night and my instinct told me that you were with madam and doing more than just massaging for her and I was right. I even heard her say "Tom, go harder on me.." that confirmed my curiosity and I knew you were already using your third leg to please madam after you succeeded in chårming her with a love portion. Let me see how you will get away from this one. Even your love potion won't save you this time no matter how you try to renew it again..."

I felt speechless and decided to walk out instead

"You're crãzy John, you obviously need to be checked into a psychiatrist home. This bitterness may eat you up if you don't accept Jesus into your life.."

He was laughing as I picked up few things to step outside

"When do you even become a Christian? Just yesterday and you're now telling me that have been a believer ever since I was born that I need Jesus, You make me laugh. You're a baby Christian and I will educate you in that area because you know nothing. Madam's missing gold will definitely land you in police cell

and this time around not even Jesus can save you.."

I walked out without another word

Is really becoming more challenging with my everyday walk with God.

I have been here for six months and finally accepted Christ into my life two months ago with the help of Omie

She has been very helpful in that aspect and only with her way of life gave me a push

Her lifestyle is something one can emulate, she is a real definition of a Christ follower and I want to know more of this God she so much speaks of.

I'm already in a fellowship group where we get to talk about God once within the week.

I also attended the fellowship group virgil which was where I went to the night John assumed I was using my "third leg" on madam.

My walk with God is getting hotter and I don't want it to get cold

I want to know him more as each day come.

I want to avoid anything sinful, anything that God dislike.

I want to know him more and to please him in every way possible.

All this distraction and temptation is what I just don't want on my path anymore.

I usually examine the entire house plumbing twice in a week to make sure there's no issue.

I got the material and fixed the entire plumbing issue and everything is in order and there have never been any problem ever since with the plumbing.

Madam paid me twice of what she agreed to pay me initially on that first month of fixing all the plumbing issue after I bought the materials

John was aware of that and have not be happy ever since.

I opened an account through the help of Omie and has been saving my money there.

Omie got me a good Android phone, a Bible and a book, "first step to Christian guide" is the title of the book.

I have been doing all I can to remain steadfast and not fall back to sin but people around me sometimes makes it uneasy

My mother called and said my daughter was critically ill.

I spoke to them before then and she told me that it was just a minor thing which will resolve with a little medication and tablet.

A week later she told me that it has become more serious and she was taken to the hospital and they are calling big amount for her to be treated.

Luckily, I have been saving my salary and sent her money for the whole medical bills and for upkeep.

I also sent school fees and other expenses money to them.

I'm not in any serious money need, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat and toiletries are sometimes provided here in Madam's house.

Using money is only when I'm going out or have to buy few personal things.

After sending the money to my mother, I had some left to use and had serious plan for it.

Only for Yoara, my brother to call me the Same week that he was having financial difficulty and his house rent has expired over three months and he's yet to renew it.

I couldn't turn him down or say no to him.

I sent him the money I had, so that he can use it and sort out himself, he was shock that I could send him such an amount and very grateful too.

I had nothing much left on me.

I was planning to surprise Lydia too as she was rounding up with her degree.

The last time we spoke she mentioned that she was working extra shift so that she can be able to pay off some pending bills that has accumulated so much.

She is aware of my new faith and stand with God and was so happy when I told her. 

She has invited me twice so that we can do some Bible study together but I still feel remorseful and shy after how I misbehaved around her the last time.

I promised to go see her but I was actually waiting to surprise her with cash gift so that she can use it too for those bills that made her take up two jobs.

I had nothing on me and couldn't help Lydia out.

I needed to start saving again which will be from when my salary is paid this month.

I thought it was just the money crisis and hospital bills which I try to sort out for my people to my best ability

I never knew something bigger was coming to hit me unexpected

Last month, madam has called me into her room twice for a waist and buttøcks massage.

She called it a strange name and when I asked what it means she explained. I began to wish she didn't.

She lay on the bed with her back up, exposing her buttøcks in full but she lay flat on her face which was into a pillow

Her hip was decorated with different golden bead.

It was adored around her waist and I wondered why she had such a strange sense of fashion in an unexpected place.

She told me how she likes me and will fly me around the world if I become her personal body massager.

She also called it another strange name but I guess that's what she meant.

All I obviously needed to do is to touch her at her sensitive body parts and I will get paid after every fine performance from me according to her

I stood there staring at her how fresh and attractive her skin looks despite she was more than fifty years.

I looked at the multiple gold bead and couldn't make any sense out of it.

I'm not much exposed to all this worldly lifestyle to know the exact name for such a hideøus job that madam was asking me to do.

But it doesn't look or sounds healthy to me, at first I couldn't figure out if God frowns at such.

Since I won't be getting intimate, madam said is a job that most young men use to grow rich and I will definitely grow big within few years if I keep up with a good performance and please her in anyway she wanted.

It sounds disgùsting yet legit.

She didn't directly mention getting intimate, she only need me to touch her at her sensitive area and a massage too, in addition to doing few other odd things she may probably request.

I try to do the massaging starting from her shoulder but she said that's not what she wanted, madam said I should start from the waist and go down from there.

 I seriously felt odd touching her fat big buttøcks

I stood and asked her to give me time to think about it so that I will be fully ready physically and mentally for the job.

After much deliberation she agreed.

Two weeks later she asked me again and I told her I wasn't still ready.

She was obviously not happy but she agreed to give me time.

I indirectly asked Omie without telling her who exactly was involved and she said is a sin.

And I shouldn't get into such act

I'm trying to run a heavenly race in peace why all this temptations on my way.

Is this what the walk with Christ felt like

Does it mean if I fail, I will be kicked out of the race or I have to start all over again?

I know troubles comes my way often and on but is never like this.

Ever since I decided to stay upright and walk with God I have been encountering different challenges

My problem seems to double yet I'm still trying to remain steadfast.

How do people overcome this type of temptation while running their heavenly race.

I was still thinking of what to do with madam and her strange demand when her gold went missing

I have no idea of how her expensive gold disappeared but I certainly heard somebody sneaking out of her room and before I could go and check, the person was gone.

It was same day that madam raised an alarm that her gold is missing.

She was threatening thunder and brainstorm upon anyone that took it from where she kept it.

John has been suspecting me and the way madam used to be extra nice to us. He has never been happy about that and has made living unpleasant for me in this house but since I'm used to him and his ways, I try not to let it bother me.

But each day comes with it's difficulty of facing him and his accusations

Madam drove out this morning and she said before she returns back she wants to meet all her gold at the same place it used to be kept in her room

I really don't know how to fight all this temptations 

How to overcome them

What do I do so that problems will stop coming my way

I'm already sick and tired of everything.

This my new work with Christ is harder than when I was walking alone.



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