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Just a little sin episode (51&52)


Episode 51

"I have a plan..? He said

"....a very good one that will definitely be of a great benefits to us.."

I looked up at him and looked away immediately

"... I'm serious Tomasi, this is no joke. I expected you to ask me what the plan is, not look at me strangely.

As much as I don't understand John and his tactics this time, I was very willing to hear whatever he had to say.

I needed to distract my mind from my present predicaments

I'm also very careful around John, I weigh my words so that he won't use it against me.

I realized late that John is cunning and mischievous

He only acts friendly when he is expecting something from you.

All this while we've been at a loghead we with each other.

He has been accusing me of different things of which I decided to ignore him.

I have been ignoring him and never paid any attention to his ways or acts towards me.

Recently, he started acting all friendly, yet I still didn't pay attention because I know that he must be up to something.

Madam has decided to forgone the stolen items

She said that she knows that I wasn't the one which was contrary to what John has been feeding her 

Madam said she was waiting for the right time before fishing out the culprit, she will definitely expose whoever stole her golds in due time.

I was not only relieved but also grateful to be free from such trouble.

Atleast she knows that I'm not a thief and I'm glad she knows who the culprit is.

I have had sleepless nights, prayed and continued praying that God will save me from being wrongly accused and I'm glad to be free, because where exactly will I start from, those gold were worth alot of money

Even my salary for a whole year won't be able to aquire them

I would have still end up in jail at the end because I was totally helpless and do not have anything to defend myself.

John had insisted that I was the one that took it but madam said she has pardon whoever took the jewelry and do not need any further mention of it

She called me in and said that even though I was being accused for theft, that does not change the fact that she still likes me.

 One of the reasons she decided to let go of the stolen gold is because of her huge likeness for me.

Which means I have to dance according to her tone if I still want to remain her favorite

I don't know what that means but gasped with a nod.

She called me in another day for a foot massage which I try to do but she said I was not careful at all.

 she complained that I wasn't romantic enough with it and asked me to start again and I did it again carefully as she instructed.

I finally succeeded to do it to her taste the second day

Another day was her fingers, hands and toes

Those where minor things that I did without complaining or grumbling despite how awfùl I felt while at it.

The sixth time that I was asked to her room, it was on a Sunday and I was just trying to get ready for church that early morning.

I have just knelt to say few prayers that morning when she called me through my mobile line to come to her room.

My heart skips each time I see her call on my phone just like it did that morning.

she was barely wearing clothes as she sat at the edge of her bed when I knocked and entered

I wondered the odd demand she will be demanding this time

Whatever she will be asking, she should be fast about it because I have church to attend and I can't miss my personal study with Omie after today's church service.

My personal study with Omie is getting deeper more than the Bible study class I usually attend.

Omie is a patient teacher, she teaches so well and makes sure I understand it all.

I looked forward to her Bible lectures and guide on my early walk with God

I attend Sunday school class first before church service every Sunday and is always awesome.

I don't want to miss anything, especially not today that's a Sunday, neither do I want to stain my mind with sin no matter how little it maybe.

"I want you to go with me to visit somebody today.." madam said immediately I entered and greeted her.

"I'm sorry ma but I have church to attend, today is Sunday.." I replied calmly

"And so what? Sunday is like every other day to me. What's so special in attending a gathering? 

I didn't reply because even if I try to explain she won't understand

".. I'm visiting a good friend of mine today, I will need you to come with me. Go and get ready and wear a fine cloth with a nice cologne and if you don't have one, ask me and it will be provided..."

She paused and continued 

"...I would have gone with one of my daughters but as you can see they have personal business of there's, they've both traveled and the place we're going to is not a place I can even take them to, hurry and get ready we will be leaving in about two hours from now, I need to look outstanding..."

I turned and returned to my room and that's when John saw my demeanor, he probably mistake my sad face for something else and began to throw his unsolicited advice

"... listen to me , you can make money out of madam.."

I chuckled at the crãzy suggestions and listened as he continued

"...I watch as madam call's you into her chamber every time, I'm not even ångry again because of that, I'm angry because she's using you and you're servicing her without any payment from her..."


He smiled mischievously and continued

"...did you know that you can actually make huge amount from madam and resign from this job and from working in general. You can setup a business or travel out of this country from the amount madam will pay you for servicing her. You just need to start billing her for every service you render to her. Take it as another job and remove every emotional attachment to it. You will make it big and give me my share offcourse..."

He gave another mischievous laughter

"....I know you don't want to continue like this, madam is your own ticket to richness and freedom. This maybe God's way to set you free and set you up for life. Take advantage of it and make sure you give me my own cut. Don't drible me because I will find out and you wouldn't like what I will do. so my due share, will be given to me.."

"I'm not interested John. Leave me alone and stop troubling me with your nonsénse talk this early morning.." I said and stood.

"I know you're interested, cool down and think about it and you will see that I'm making sense.."

He truly makes sense and I was going to think about it anyway but I don't want to show him that I was actually interested in his suggestion.

I may start today with the billing, is getting too difficult pleasing Madam's strange demands

I look forward to resigning from this job but not as a broke boy

I don't want to go back to the street of hustle, is very hard out there.

I want to leave here and live well 

The major thing on my mind is not getting involved with sin in all of this.

But how do you fight temptation when you're in the means of it,

I want to overcome it all, make legit money and live in a sin free world without staining my heavenly race garment.

Is that even possible.

That's why I love every time I spent with Omie, she gives me hope, she makes it seem like I can actually make it in such a world, but once I return home to face all this demands from madam I feel helpless.

I will search for a way to present my own monetry demand to madam without getting into trouble

John maybe mischievously bād but he has given me something to think about.

I still wonder how to present such to madam without raising a suspicious dust.

I don't want further trouble in my life.

 while avoiding trouble, I'm also avoiding sin.

 that's why I have to really think it through.

I hope it all goes well so that I can finally be free.


Episode 52

No, the outing wasn't what I expected. With the way she dressed, I thought she was going to meet a man, maybe a lover but it wasn't so.

She even ordered me to go and change to something better, she did this three times, saying my cloths weren't good enough.

It was the fourth time, after giving me a packed shirt, that she finally approved of my appearance.

I was dressed in a striped shirt, a chinos brown trouser, I tucked in my shirt and my original animal skin made belt was glaring.

 I wore a brown cover shoe which she bought for me in the past

I wore a slim long blue tie and my low hair was brushed properly.

She gave me a lip gloss to apply on my lips of which I did.

It was indeed awkward, it was all strange for me yet I can't protest or even complain.

It was the part of the lip gloss I wanted to turn down but the look on her face as she stretched her hand to hand it over made me not to have a choice.

My lips was shining like I just ate oily food.

I licked it up to know if it taste good, it actually taste like strawberry and smells as such 

In no time I licked off everything and when she noticed, she hand over the entire gloss to me and said I should make sure that my lips isn't dry.

It should be shining at all time, all through the outing.

I replied "yes ma"

She said I'm to reply with "yes ma'am or yes Mom not yes ma"

I can't wait for everything about today to be over

On our way she stopped at a salon, for more beauty make over

Mainly for the arrangements of her hair

While doing that she asked them to quickly do a pedicure and manicure for me

I really don't understand what that means until a lady came to sit in front of me with a low chair

She pulled off my shoe and socks without wasting time

Rolled up my trouser carefully before dipping my legs into a very warm, formy bubbling water

The whole thing took about an hour before it was over.

She even wanted to apply a white nail polish which I turned down.

My madam said it won't do me any harm, it was just a nail hardener which is not even very obvious.

I objected still, I don't want to have anything to do with any nail polish

The embarrassment of wearing a lip gloss which has obviously refused to dry off, is enough.

Dressing like I was going for one international job interview or going to impress a lady is quiet disturbing

I felt very uncomfortable and angry too but I was asked to wear a fine smile which I try to do pretentiously in order to please her.

This is not Tomasi, is not me at all.

This woman wants to turn me to something else, she wants to replace the whole real man in me to some chaff.

What's all this pedicure, lip gloss and even trying to put a shining clear nail polish on my nails, if not that I stood my ground and objected, she would have succeeded.

All this things are women things which I don't want to associate myself with

If I don't do something now and stop her, maybe next time she will ask me to wear wig, earrings, high heels, lashes and go on a dress, who knows?

I can't predict her anymore or whatever she intend to achieve with all of this.

Is tiring and annoying, I must confess.

John had reminded me about billing her for my services, I pretend like I didn't hear him

But I'm actually looking out for any opportunity I can get to speak my mind.

I'm not sure if the timing will ever be right but I'm looking out for a chance to let her know that she needs to stop treating like one hsrlót she picked in the street.

This ridiculous outing could have warrant alot of money if I was getting paid for all this extra personal service but I don't feel interested in her money anymore

I'm a plumber, I love my job and feel very comfortable in it.

I don't want any of this personal service that madam is forcing me to render to her.

I don't even know if this is also a big sin or a little one.

I don't know anymore but I want to run my heavenly race well without distraction.

Alll this are unnecessary distraction and it doesn't supposed to be so.

When we finally got to the house, it was a big mansion

The decorations is breathtaking and I was speechless at the beauty of the entire building, even the sitting room.

It was indeed glamorous

There where different types of exotic cars parked out

At first I thought it was a five star hotel but it wasn't, is actually a home for one wealthy person

A rich man I presumed at first but I was taking aback when I realized that it was owned by a woman.

I saw picture frames, the rich woman with her husband in a different pictures where hanging on the wall.

The children are three from what I saw, two boys and a girl.

I was looking around the whole place when my madam asked me to sit.

I sat but she said I should sit properly like an intelligent person.

I don't know how intelligent person sits,

She asked me to adjust my back, put my knees together or cross my leg, I have to chose one then relax my arms and place my hands either on my thigh or on the couch

She instructed this while the house owner was on a phone call.

The whole sitting instructions was off for me.

I don't know there's a fashionable way to sit down now

I never heard of it before

I heard my madam call the woman Diamond Queen

She appears older than my madam

My madam introduced me as "her boy" to the diamond queen

The woman mentioned that I was a fine and handy one and with more money I can look more fresh and perfect.

My madam agrees to everything she says

She asked of my name and before I could say my madam replied that my name was "Tomi"

The Diamond Queen smile with a nod.

Several other things where said, she even mention that my madam should come with me to a party that she was hosting next week.

She said that my madam should hold me tight because i look like a great potential and will make her happy among other men who haven't been able to do so in the past.

I watched my madam laugh so loud before replying that she is already aware of that

She saw a great potential in me right from time and knew that I'm the perfect one for the job.

Ever since then she has been trying to groom me but I'm proving difficult.

She won't give up doing so until I'm fully hers.

Diamond Queen said she shouldn't give up because I seem untamed and appear very innocent

I don't know what their intentions are but I know there's a danger ahead and I have to think fast on what exactly to do.

They went on and on talking none stop

Food was serve and I try my very best to appear posh

But I was still corrected on several things on how to sit on the dining table and use the curtleries 

Also how to put food in my mouth and chew

God should just have mercy on this women and their unnecessary teaching.

I can't relate and do not want to relate to this kind of lifestyle.

They want to frustrâte me.

It was very late when we returned and all through that night all I did was to think about everything.

I missed several calls from Omie and returned back immediately I picked up my phone. 

I briefed her on how my day went, she said I should try and come to mid week Bible study so that we can discuss better.

The following day, madam called me to her room to ask me that hope I enjoyed myself yesterday and I nodded.

She said the reason she was calling is to ask me of something.

She asked me to sit and when I did.

She said I should tell her the amount I want to be paid because she wants to also make me her personal aid

I will be doing my normal job as a plumber but also attending to her personally

My salary isn't a problem because she will be paying me any suitable amount I mention.

But her needs and order has to come first before any other and also before mine.

I was quiet and before telling her I can't think of anything right now that she should give me time and I will get back to her

She reluctantly agreed

She handed a wad of cash to me, it was a huge sum and felt heavy as I held it.

She said I will receive many more of such if I remain an obedient boy.

I thanked her and left

My madam said this is a new beginning of a better chance for me but I don't feel anything new about this begining.

It felt like the beginning of doôm.

I really have to decide what exactly I want to do with all this strangeness staring at me.

This is not the kind of good life I craved for.

They want to turn me into something I don't understand but I won't let that to happen.

My name is Tomasi, I'm a man, a real man who is focused in his heavenly quest.

I'm not Tomi" a confused man, who dances to every of Madam's body song

And worship at her feet

I reject such and won't be reduced to that.

I don't know how I'm going to do it but I will ask God to show me ways of escape,

If he does not answer me then I'm sure Omie will have answer for me.



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