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Just a little sin episode (55&56)


Episode 55

"I haven't told you this before but I have a daughter.."

She appeared not surprised with my sudden confession.

"Oh really...? She said coldly and I nodded as I wait for her to digest it before another.

"... okay, you have a wife too? She suddenly asked

"Not really.." I replied as I tried to calculate my answer

She raised an eyebrow with the way I replied.

"... I'm not married. I finally cleared the air.

"Okay, I was a begining to wonder because when you said"not really" you didn't sound very sure with your words.

I nodded in agreement as we went quiet.

"... what of the mother of your daughter?

"She's late.."

"Oh my God! How... what happened to her...? She asked quiet taken back by the news.

"She died while given birth..."

"Oh! That's sad. I'm so sorry about that.."

"Yea.. thanks.."

I paused and continued.

"...You see... I'm not in the class of good people.."

"How do you mean? She asked confused

"I have done lots of things in the past which I'm not very proud of.."

"I'm not judging because even God is a merciful father and will never condemns you. The only thing God håte is sin but if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Christ has come to set you free then you will be free indeed..." 

She said and I felt even more comfortable to say more.

"Back in my hood, in the village where I come from, I try to be among the tough guys because that's how you earn respect and people learn to féâr you. Mine wasn't necessary because I wanted to be feared, I just wanted to be a big threat to some set of people that felt like they were tough.."

"That must be lots of work, trying to prove who you're not.."

"Yea, it was a serious work and when I felt this particular guy that appears like a threat and a bully was trying to win, I went to the extra mile just to prove to him that I'm the King of the jungle..."

She breathed deeply while I continued.

"...I met a friend who had a cousin who's father is into native meds and also herbalist. They made a concoction for me which I used to collect the guys girlfriend. But it came to backfire.."

"It always backfires, it may not happen immediately but no matter how long it takes, our action both good and ev!l still caught up with us.." she said and I nodded in agreement.

"Is a very strange story but my life was spared, alot of people were affected through that one foolish act of mine. And when I thought everything was finally going to be settled, I was even planning to marry the girl and be a good husband and father to her and the baby and that was when the devil striked again and she was gone just after giving birth.,"

I cupped my face in my hand as everything came flooding back.

".. I'm not the biological father of the baby, I never knew she was pregnant when the lady moved in but I didn't really care who the father was, I just wanted to be there for both of them. When I went with my father to undo the love chärm, the native doctor said alot of things, he mentioned settling the father of the baby, mentioned the repercussions that comes from my deed, he said a whole lot of scary things. Some of this things happened, even my sister fell for the bully of a guy that caused everything. I tried to make sure so that alot of things will be avoidable and not take effect but I just couldn't do much ordinarily.."

I stared at nothing, I love the silent that greeted us. She was quietly listening and didn't interrupt.

 "...I was already planning my future with her and almost got married but the first marriage rite was cancelled and I was waiting after her delivery but she kept saying alot of negative things, how she wanted to die and go and be with her mother. I shunned her words because I have come to believe that the tongue is powerful. But due to all the bitter Life experiences that her father and step Mom melted out to her, she was deeply hürt. She said my mother is the only person that showed her what real love feels like. And it was through my mother's love that alot of things were cancelled and our trouble was turned to peace. But this lady diëd when Life was just about to get interesting for us..."

"What's her name.." she suddenly asked.

"Onie..is her name. When I first saw you in church, I almost thought you're Onie's ghost. You have a striking resemblance facially and I was actually scared and confused at the same time but I'm glad that you're not a spirit that came to torment me in a different body shape.."

She burst out laughing and I smile as the tensed air eased up a bit.

I continued

"...is funny but is true. If you know the trauma I went through, Onie's death brought so much darkness in my life, I was affected mentally, emotionally and physically, i could have said spiritually too because I became a shadow of myself. I run down here during that mental attack, that was the period I learnt plumbing. Worked a little before returning back home. I wanted to be based at home but after staying for a while the nightmare won't stop, I was really tormented that I had to run down to this city for the second time..."

I looked into my palm as I traced down how long trouble have been following me even doubled up of a recent as I decided to surrender to God.

"... staying with Yoara, my brother was another huge challenge because his supposed girlfriend..or fiancee refused to let me be in peace. I even attended her church to see how the hypocrites worship God when their life is a sham. She had secret which she was keeping from my brother, I knew and wanted to expose her but my brother wouldn't listen and Chumi, hates me so much that she outsmarted me anything I decided to get evidence to prove to my brother that his woman is not whom she thinks she is. Even, while in the church, she tried to stop me from speaking to their pastor..."

I smile sarcastically

"... Omie, I never knew this girl sings so well, her voice is so angelic.i was wondering how God will decide to bless someone with such a beautiful gift... somebody like Chumi who is undeserving..."

"We're all undeserving Tom. So, have you understand why God bless her with such a voice or you're yet to? Omie asked

"Yea, I do understand better now. God blesses without counting on our character or sins or even the sin of your parents. God bless without looking at faces or how perfect or filthy we are. Some of the things of God is a misery and I'm in no place to judge Chumi because I'm not without sin myself. I could have leave it for God to expose her instead but I was acting like an unintelligent CID. She always outsmart me even after everything. At the end, they're still together and planning their wedding...."

I scoffed loudly because I felt vexed that Yoara was still with her.

I just couldn't hide my displeasure or camouflage into a Chumi fan overnight.

"...I know is not in my place to judge her but Chumi is unrepentant of her actions and will continue dribbling my brother even after marriage. She's not ready to be caught in a web, she will always find her way of escape. I don't know if it's the marriage that their pastor promised to sponsor for them that kept him bound to her.."

"Tom, this isn't about your brother or his woman. remember we're talking about you. I know you don't want to see your brother get hurt and felt he deserves a better woman but don't forget that people change. You're a good example of change.."

"That's true Omie. Well, as my story goes my madam suddenly picked a strange interest in me. I don't know exactly what she wants to turn me into but none of it looks good. On the other hand my colleague, John changed from the nice guy to a difficult roommate. There's a lot of fishy things going on around him, which I'm yet to uncover. Madam Kash, offered me way too much that it was hard to say no, the money was definitely going to change my life and then render me useless and I will fall back to the same sin that I have been running away from. Zee, her daughter didn't want me to go but I had to. Madam kept to her word and didn't give me either my salary or any money at all. I'm not pained, I felt liberated. That same Job that could have end my life or render me useless is now the things of the past.."

She was quiet as she stared at me with a smile

"Well, I'm glad...so glad that you took the biggest step to walk away when you still had the chance. I'm happy that you are begining to see clearly. Shunning the devil's well packaged gift and focusing on the race. We're in this together and I wouldn't want you to be left behind. Take a rest we have fellowship by 5pm and I will drive down to get you if that's okay with you. Yesterday's Virgil was outstanding and I love what God is doing in your Life. By next week we will start another job hunt except you care to work in the school library. We will discuss more on the job when I come back to get you..."

I nodded as I walked her to the car.

Omie, is indeed a blessing to me and I won't take that for granted.

She and our fellowship members contributed money and get me a place.

After left Madam's room that very day, I began packing my things because I knew my days were numbered in that house.

I couldn't accept her offer even if she decided to double up or triple the offer.

My personal walk with God is important to me and I know he won't let me end up in the street.

I trusted him enough to make a way and he did.

After I called Omie and told her that I was resigning

She said it was the right thing to do.

I left after three days and my intention was to shamelessly return back to Yoara but Omie said she spoke to a Christian brother who is ready to accommodate me.

I stayed with the kind Christian brother for two weeks before Omie surprised me with my own place.

She said with the contribution of everyone in our fellowship they realized alot of money, enough to get me a mini flat.

I was astounded, when I heard the news.

I was also offered a job in the school library but it doesn't come with much pay

I wanted to take it up but Omie said I should hold on, she will look around and ask people for a better offer.

She visited today with foostuffs and we get talking.

I had to tell her things about myself that she does not know.

I always felt relieved and burden lifted after talking with her.

God has placed me in a better place and surrounded me with good people to make my walk easy.

God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of life to him.

He brought flood light to my life

I will never take God for granted

For one with God is a majority.

Before Omie drove off that day, she asked me one unexpected question

"You didn't tell me who is the real father of Onie's daughter? 

 I smile as I replied her

"Yea, I'm the father.."

She smiled back at me before driving off.


Episode 56

For the first time I visited her lovely place, very neat and organized.

Her sitting room is like my entire apartment.

"Is really a lovely place you got here, do you stay alone in this big house..?

"hmmm" she replied with a nod.

I guess she wasn't finished with her reply and didn't bother pushing further. She is probably not in the mood to talk.

I saw a photograph of a very young boy, hanging on her sitting room wall and another photograph of she and the boy in another section.

She offered me home made food and drink, I just couldn't refuse her meal.

I sat on her dining with her and ate quietly while scanning the entire house with my eyes.

The big screen television was showing an Amish movie and she seems to be taken by it.

"This movie is a series, this is episode twelve of it and is very interesting. I know this is not your kind of thing. What type of movie or television show do you like watching.." she asked

"I haven't really find any one to fancy yet. I watch whatever that comes on the screen but hardly pay attention. Recently I have been focusing on the Gospel, you know things like faith talk show and worship songs.."

"Great, this is also a moral filled movie. The Amish people are very religious and I sometimes admire their unique way of life..."

I nodded quietly.

The table was cleared after eating and as she packed it to the kitchen, I offered to help and she didn't say no.

She washed and I dry the plates and keep away.

So many things traveled through my mind as we silently worked together.

It was just two weeks ago that I finally muster the courage to ask her out for a relationship.

Is over two years now that I have come to know Omie, and we have been friends ever since.

She has being my rock of support both in my spiritual growth and every area of life.

I have liked her, admired and appreciate everything about her.

She is different from so many women that I have come across

I know i may probably loose her friendship or she may decide to stay away but I just needed to open up.

Ever since I got my own place with the help of our fellowship members, also through Omie's influence.

She also helped me secured a big job offer, we have become more closer than before and through my closeness to her, my feeling has grown.

It was no more sister in Christ, I wanted more.

I prayed to God severally when I noticed how much I was so attached to her, I asked God to help me out and I did not want to do things carnally

I wanted God to guide my footing that I may not sin with my actions and thoughts.

After I summoned courage to make my feeling known, she didn't respond positively or negative.

Although she looked at me strangely and said "listen Tom, the thought of God is my action base"

I didn't understand what exactly she meant and she didn't bother to explain.

I told her that I have already prayed about it before coming to her and she asked me to pray more and God will reveal things to me, it can be in dream or like a trance.."

This was the third time of same proposal.

I decided to seek God more but nothing was revealed to me.

I decided to let God's will be done, probably God will speak on my behalf and if I'm not the one for her then I stand with whatever God decides.

It was just two plates remaining, I decided to break the silent which was almost chóking me

"Are you alright..? I asked.

"hmmm.." she replied again with a quiet nod

Omie can be very lively whenever she's in the mood but most times she's quiet and very unpredictable.

I remember how she advised me to register for two professional courses and I did.

It was after the first professional course I was able to secure a job and the offer was very good.

While at the job, I registered for the second course which took me about seven months.

I attend only weekend due to my present job and at the end the course, my results was outstanding.

I was upgraded to a higher level and it comes with a better salary.

I decided to invest into plumbing materials and as the money comes, I channelled it to opening a big shop while still working.

It was the same period John called me that he was jobless because madam has sacked him too.

He confessed that he was paid by madam to convince me to accept the Madam's offer then, but when he couldn't make me change my mind and I even resigned, madam was not pleased and had to dismissed him.

I decided to help him by employing him in my second plumbing shop.

The first is bigger and I have about two workers and one plumbing in it.

The second shop is not big.

I have two workers, John and another young man.

I visits most weekends and the second shop isn't turning up so well but I excused because it was suited in the outskirts of the main market while the first shop is inside the market.

John was grateful and I told him if he was diligent and truthful with my goods and income, I may end up settling him sooner so that he can open whatever business he wants.

He promised to do so.

I pay all my workers salary even when the turn up is low, I still pay the agreed amount.

I was growing financial and all round.

I began to plan on settling down with the woman of my dream, who is strongly built in the Lord, there's no better woman than Omie.

I was even planning on getting a bigger place for myself.

I thought it will be the will of God, it will please God greatly if i settle with a God fearing woman

A real one not one with pretense like Chumi.

There's no better woman who I have not only found favor but also found God than Omie.

She's a replica of godliness and virtues woman.

But her response makes me feel unworthy of her or could it be that i still have a long way to go in Christiandom and is untill I attend that level that I can approach her.

I felt godly enough, I love the Lord and stay clear every way that is unholy, I try not to be a fanatic religious worshiper, those people that follow every symbols and patterns in the bible, those who thinks they're holier than others just because of how many times they pray or read bible or attend church event.

No, I love the Lord truly and serve him with everything I got, I'm a free man who associate with everybody except sin

For any way that is filled with filthiness and unjust I will never be found close there.

I try not to judge others, I try to obey the Lord and walk in the path that seems right before him.

I really don't know what else to do to be counted worthy of her.

I wish she can open up and tell me.

"You don't feel that I deserve you, probably my faith is still new? If you can tell me what to do.."

"You're okay Tom, your faith maybe new but is strongly rooted and besides is not so new. Is almost two years of your seriouse walk with God. Is far better off than people born and breed in the faith yet they don't know where exactly they stand.."

"Thanks Omie! So what exactly is the problem.."

"I never said there was a problem, or did I? She asked as she turned to look at me before returning her gaze in the washing sink which she was rinsing.

I took a deep breath before asking "the picture of the young boy in the sitting room, who is he?

"He is my son, I'm glad that you asked. Jeremiah is his name and he's my son.."

I almost dropped the plate in my hand out of shock.

I wasn't expecting such a response.

Omie has a son? How come i never knew for over two years of knowing her. She have never mentioned it.

And she looks too young and appear innocent to know a man.

How is that even possible.

Is Omie married, who is the father of the boy.

I had a thousand and one question as I gently dropped the plate in my hand where it supposed to be before taking few steps away.



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