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Just a little sin episode (57&58)


Episode 57

I try not to appear surprised, I wanted to flow with the conversation as it comes.

"He's a handsome boy, just like you, he has your fine nose.."

She looked at me strangely and smile before shaking her head in a funny way.

She dry her hand before moving back to the sitting room.

Omie didn't reply me untill we got to the parlour.

"I can bet my son's look is not exactly what you have in mind to say. You really don't need to be afraid of asking me anything you wish to know. I will tell you anyone I feel that's necessary and leave out the unnecessary ones.."

Is a great opportunity and I quickly jumped at it.

"Are you married? Who is the boy's father? How come I never see him with you? I don't really know much about you, can you tell me please? Are you married, how did you get the boy, did you adopt him..?

Different questions were flooding in my mind and I didn't bother to filter them

I asked as it comes so that I don't hold back an important question.

"Easy.. easy Tom. I will answer your questions.. I'm not married, the father of my son is unknown, let's leave it at that. Why you haven't seen the boy is because he stays abroad with my parents, they raised him like their own. And I didn't adopt him, I gave birth to Jeremiah at the age of seventeen, two weeks to my eighteenth birthday..."

She breathed in, stared at the television but I knew her mind was distanced apart.

"..I got pregnant while in highschool. I have a rich parents and the only daughter who was not only given everything she wants but I was too pampered that I became a spoilt brat. Having two elder brother who does not joke with me, made me more arrogant. I travel during each vacation to different countries and schooled abroad at some point. It was during this time I had ungodly friends, who led me into doing so many things and some I just choose to try it out. Peer pressure, teenage hot bløød and freedom to do as I please brought about Jeremiah. I can't even point out who exactly was responsible at first because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble. My parents are rich and will deal with whoever got me in a family way, so I lied that I was raped and more lies was told just to cover up. My parents took me out of the country. They're Christians and didn't opt for abørtion. It was one hell of a nightmare during pregnancy, God helped me through the rigorous time, I gave birth to Jeremiah and took several months to heal before resuming school. After school, I returned back to start my life anew. I decided to take God serious and have strongly built myself, equipped everything about me spiritually and have to denounce anything in my life that does not glorify God. I still go visiting my family and I have untold the lies I told to my parents about Jeremiah and asked for their forgiveness of which they said there was nothing to forgive because I was young and naive and open to mistake. They're happy with my new life and have really supported me all the way. Dedicating my whole life to God and taking my walk with him more serious than anything in this world has put me in a great map. The holy spirit communicate with me, God respond to my prayers fast... like I pray and get the answer. I used to do things I wasn't also proud of, which I could've tagged little sin but now I know better, I will do all I can to guide anyone God brings my way in the right path. To help them not to sin against God.."

" I want to attend your level of faith in God. Is one of the beautiful things I admire in people, when I see how zealous and how taken they're with the things of God and even God communicate with them through signs, dreams, and voices. I admire that so much and my utmost prayers is to get there someday.." I said it and meant it

"You will Tom, just be focus and upright. fear the Lord your God and adhere to his ways so that you may live long on earth in the land of the living.."

She smiled as she looked at me "...it took me alot of self sacrifice, alot of self deprivation..a whole lot of many things before I could get where I am today.." 

"Can you tell me about your relationship, either past or present" I asked

"I don't do too well in a relationship. I have tried twice and ended up leaving. If I find things in a man that does not glorify God or a man who claims to be God fearing but still struggling with his flesh I don't think twice before walking away and there's no amount of plea that makes me want to stay.."

"What about me? Omie, atleast you know me better. Give me a chance please.."

"No Tom, I'm dedicated to God alone. God has given me everything I could ever ask for. I'm satisfied and confidence in him. Nothing matters to me in this world except my heavenly race. My walk with God is very important, I don't want any form of distraction in it. God who sees your heart will give you the woman of your dream, not me Tom. Think of me as a friend and sister in the Lord, let's keep it that way.."

I was speechless, my whole body went stiff. 

I thought of a lifetime without Omie in it and felt frightened.

I don't know why but all my heart desire and happiness was to someday make Omie my wife.

How do I erase this thought that is already part of me

She was serious with her words and asking repeatedly or pleading non-stop won't make her change her mind.

She may even pick offense and start avoiding, I don't want that.

How can I be okay? What do I do now.

My heart was heavy, it aches me painfully.

Is this how real heart break felt like?

It was first Onie who almost drive me crazy with her sudden dismissal

Now is Omie and I'm wondering how to move past her refusal.

Is obvious that I don't do so well with anything that has to do with the heart.

I could have start crying right here at her place but I managed to put my emotions together before I embarrass myself.

I left with a heart that's about to explode.

She offered to drop me with her car but I told her not to bother.

I felt like crying heavily but I held it all in.

 I start wishing I was a little boy, I could have cry and wail freely without any form of judgement from passerby.

I counted my steps as I walked to the bustop to take a bus home.


Episode 58

He looked confused after the whole narration.

I didn't want to feel any pity for him initially but after listening to him, I felt really bad.

"I don't know what exactly to say to you because I tried to warn you but you never listened..."

He nodded without a word

"What would you have me do? I'm a minister in my church and she was also and my pastor promised to take up our wedding expenses after seeing how much we were into each other..."

He robbed a hand on his head and continued

"... Tomasi, I thought I knew her enough and didn't want a third party to get involved in my personal life, my relationship. In our marriage counseling class we were thought not to let an outsider come between us.."

"Was I an outsider, a third party that want to come between your relationship? I was only looking out for you as my brother but I guess you were so much into Chumi and your pastor's promises that you allowed yourself to be dëcéived.."

He looked up at me and I didn't try to filter words as I told him how gullible he was

"...even when the handwriting was glaring you still couldn't read. You kept going back to her, well now she's gone and your pastor is no more interested in sponsoring the wedding. He has seen who she truly is. Even God gave us series of guidlines on how to be wise as a serpent. Even when you're in love, don't allow yourself to become a foøl for love. Is obvious you're a victim of scam because this is a real scam. Now that you have no job and your Pastor has taken away your church ministry title after finding out that you have been cohabitating with Chumi.. you're back to square one. Chumi is gone to wherever, God knows who she is with after leaving you penniless and hopeless, not leaving out the church embarrassment. is quiet embarrassing for you Yoara. Well, I'm glad that your eyes is clear, you can see better.."

He heaved a heavy sigh and said "women are terrible, they're all the same..."

I waved a finger to his face and said "no, no, no Yoara. Women are not the same. I have been very fortunate to meet few women who had proven otherwise. Is as if they're specially handmade by God. I'm alive today because of a woman God hand picked for me and she is my mother. Another who knows me from nowhere saved my life, her name is Lydia and I still haven't been able to stay a day without the thought of another woman who is God's gift to me, her name is Omie. Their are still few others too that I have come across that had proven this your notion wrøng..."

He sighed again, sat deeply into the already thorn cushion

"You're right, I can't because of Chumi cancel many good women out there. Just take a look at me Tomasi, Chumi stepped into my life and wrecked me apart. I was serious with the things of God, focused like a man who's targeted on a great mission, heaven was the goal. I was running my race well untill she stepped into my life, I still try to be serious with my spiritual walk but countless times I fell and did not stop falling until the spirit of God departed from my life. Now, I'm like a déãd man walking..."

"That's what happened to a man without vision. Nothing can make me lose balance in this race of mine. Not money because I have been offered many riches yet I declined, not women and never any thing of this world. I have come a long way Yoara. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You didn't have the fear of God because if you do, you will resist the devil and he will flee from you..."

Yoara began to laugh, I was confused and wondered why he was laughing so hard

He suddenly began to speak with agony in his voice

"Just imagine, imagine a whole me has been brought to nothing, to the extent is you now, Tomasi that's trying to remind me the ways of God. Imagine you are the one I always cry to for help. Now that I have no wife, no ministry, no Job and even my house rent expired over six months and my landlord has served me a quick notice. No money to feed or take care of some life necessity, imagine is you Tom that's coming to my rescue. you're the very person I was praying for and trying to preach to back then so that you will give your life to God. You're the same person now counting my sins to my face and preaching to me..."

He took another deep breath "...How the might fell.."

I stood

 "Yoara, the bible said let those who thinks they stand take heed before they fall. Remember that it is written, the race is not for the swift, the battle is not for the strong, time and chance happened to them all. Get up let's pack up some of your stuffs out of here.."

" Thank you so much Tomasi. I don't know what I could have done without you in my life, it's as if God brought you to this city because of me. To help and instruct me, it used to appear like I was the one sent to help you initially but opposite is the case here. I'm forever grateful Tom for your many kindness towards me and not abandoning me despite how Chumi treated you in the past..."

"Thank God for everything. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, God's grace is still abound and you will be lifted up again. My place is big enough for two of us and feeding isn't an issue. You will bounced back again Yoara, God seeing how repentant that you're will give you a new and better begining and this time, you will cherish it with all you got because you can't be a foøl twice..."

Yoara nodded in agreement.

I moved his things to my car, I recently acquired a Lexus Jeep which will help me in my business and personal life too

He moved in with me and started all over.

I introduced him to our fellowship members.

Omie traveled and won't be back soon, he couldn't meet her immediately.

I began Job hunt for him and he on the other hand was doing the same.

I visited Lydia one weekend, I wanted to show Yoara one of the few good women I was very opportuned to know.

Lydia was very please to have us.

I have sent money to her twice ever since I started work, she pleaded with me not to send again.

God have blessed me beyond measure, I wanted to also bless those who without counting that I was a nobody helped me during my helpless situation.

While visiting, I bought foodstuffs and other few toiletries for her

We went with taxi because my car was going through maintainance.

 She was surprised to see alot of goodies.

Since I hardly visit, atleast anytime I happened to go, I won't appear empty handed.

I introduced Yoara and they both got talking.

We even had a little time for Bible study and there was alot to learn.

Yoara still has it in him, I was very happy with the way he speaks authoritative over the things of God.

I had lot to learn and even Lydia was really impressed.

Yoara was finding his footing again and that pleased me alot.

She became a great friend of Yoara and even visited us which she never did when I was living alone.

Yoara later got a job and resumed immediately.

Life was turning out well again for him and that's when Chumi started calling.



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