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Just a little sin episode (59&60)


Episode 59

Chumi was calling non-stop and sending him love messages

She even said she went visiting him at his place but didn't find him.

Yoara told her that her that the spell covering his eyes has fallen off, he can see clearer and

He was in a better place now and do not need her in it.

He blocked her after then and didn't bother looking back.

We attend church and fellowship together and in our leisure time we talk about God and his awesome powers.

Our brotherhood grew strongly in the Lord.

I grew even more spiritually on a daily basis.

Yoara found his footing again and we started even night prayers most of the nights.

Omie returned after few months and I introduced Yoara to her.

Ever since she turned down my proposal, we have tried to keep it cordial.

Deep down, I still pray to God to give her a change of heart.

Is still hard to move on or find another better woman that got all of my heart.

I remember Dunfi back in my secondary school days. 

She said I'm not up to her standard and my breath smells like ant.

I washed my tongue and teeth like I was washing clothes, I washed until I started bleeding.

I stopped eating my favorite snacks that my mother usually prepare because of Dunfi.

I try to meet up with her standard but at the end I was still not worthy of her.

Dunfi diëd mysteriously while dating big boys who she said was in her league.

I was pained but there was nothing I could do.

Oni was the second lady I tried to settle with and she also diëd while giving birth.

I stayed away from women ever since and didn't want to get into anything serious with any lady.

I totally surrendered all to God and have become a better man ever since.

I don't need another chaotic incident in my life.

I knew Lydia was not into me.

I wasn't into her much except for an incident I allowed my flesh to take a lead and I'm glad Lydia isn't that kind of Lady.

I regretted my actions so much and I'm glad nothing happened.

Omie is the perfect woman for me but she said I should get another Christian girl because she's dedicated in service to the Lord.

Life dealt me a blow, maybe is all for the best.

I visited Konji and was told he was arrested many months ago due to he was owning 

His gambling debt caught up with him.

I visited him in cell few days later and was able to bell him out.

The debt was huge and we wrote an agreement to be paying a certain amount every month until the debt is cleared.

I was able to pay twice while helping Konji back on his feet

I encourage Konji to get a proper job and he agreed to do so.

I have two shops aside my job, is filled with plumbing materials and I have people managing it for me.

John is managing one

I could have employed Konji in it but he may end up wrecking it down and beside I don't need any further help in my shop.

Maintaining the staff I have will help me not to owe anyone.

Konji later got a job as a security guard in a bank.

And with my support he managed to pay seventy percent of the money and the rest of the debt was cancelled with my influence.

I ran into one of the men that attácked me years ago while I was still working with madam Kash.

I recognized him but he didn't recognize me.

Yes, I looked better, finer, bigger and stronger too.

I acted friendly, bought him drinks and gave him some cash because he looks hagard 

After a week of our friendship, I introduced myself to him and he was in shock.

I told him that I have forgiven him, but if he can tell me who sent him, it will do me lots of good.

He opened up without wasting time and said it was John.

John paid them to eliminate me.

He broke down in tears

I thanked him for his honesty and sent him away with little cash.

He was grateful and kept thanking me.

I didn't know if I should be surprised or not with what John did.

Although I'm in a better place but I have to think of how to handle John.

I felt too blessed to even be mad at John but I won't let it slide.

He has to know that I already know that he tried to k!ll me in the past.

He is now part of my workers and that makes us close again.

He may decide to try it again and may succeed.

This is when being wise as a serpent will

become handy.


Episode 60

"..Wait...I don't understand what you're saying..."

I repeatedly the same thing I just said loud and clear to his hearing again.

"...whaat!! Me..? How's that possible. God forbid bad thing..."

I watched in silent as he began to perform different act to show that he was innocent.

"Let's forget all this your drama that you're trying to put up John, what I really want to know is why, why will you do such a thing? I never wronged you, well..none I can remember. You're always the one trying to act like an enemy and that makes everything happening now very relatable..."

"Tom, I can sweär it to you that I'm innocent. I know we've our little moment of misunderstanding but it wasn't anything personal. I will never.. ever be in the gathering of men planning to take a soul they did not create, especially never yours. What for? I'm a Christian and I see you as a brother not as an enemy, If not I wouldn't have come asking you for help after madam Kash dismissed me from work..."

I stared at him without a word, acting like I believed him

"... you're like a brother to me and that's why I run to you for cover when I felt hopeless. I have always been on your side and when you had that accident, I didn't want madam to hûrt you because of her missing money, that was why I wanted you to get job in another place instead of getting arrested, I thought she was going to lock you up because madam Kash is a very wicked and mean woman. I have always looked out for you Tom, I can never do you any harm. Whoever that told you this is not only a liar but also a dev!l incarnâte who's looking for a way to bring enemity between us. God will not allow such ev!l plan to succeed. I serve and worship the true living God who will not allow us to be put to shame..."

I watched him and shake my head sadly because John maybe smart but he can't possibly outsmart his deeds this time around.

His guilt was staring him in the face

"I'm going to search for the three men that was sent to attãçk me, all that had a hand in what happened to me will be brought to book. Those three men, I'm going to fish them out and by tomorrow the police will be here with them and they will identify if you're the ring leader that sent them. I have already reported to the police in the past after that incident with the help of a friend, I told them everything concerning that attãçk and they have been searching for those involved. It will be a good thing to finally close the case as the main culprit will finally be brought to light.."

He held his two hands together as sweat suddenly filled his forehead.

"...I came to you because I took you as a friend, despite how bād you acted and treated me back in Madam's Kash house but I let it all go and didn't think twice before helping you and employing you in my business. I came to ask you first as a friend but you said you don't have anything to do with what happened to me back then, no problem. The police will be coming with those men and anyone involved will regrët ever doing such.."

I paused and took a deep breath

"...since the whole thing is under investigation, I wouldn't want you to be in charge of anything in this shop but you can continue coming to work. My second staff will be in charge until the whole investigation is over. Don't think of running away because that will make you appear guilty and the police will definitely find you wherever you went to hide. Also, your aged Mother and relatives will be locked up if they fail to produce you. Before you do anything that will be implicating, think about your family. Since you said that you're innocent, no problem, we will see about that..."

I turned and started walking away, I was few feet away when he began to call me.

I turned and saw him walking towards me.

"Tom, please I really don't know how to say this, I still can't fathom my reasons of developing a strong hatred for you back at Madam's house. I...I.."

He was stuttering as i watched him in silent

 "...I never in my entire life expected madam or her daughters to like you. I was really shocked when I saw what was happening. I saw Zee flocking around you like honey to bee, I saw madam always wanting you privately. You were living my dream, that was everything I ever wanted and I never expected you of all people, that was not even exposed to lot of things, you're not even enlightened and still does not have fore knowledge of most of the things I know. Is surprising that they will pick you over me. Is not even by appearance because I know I'm more cute, I have baby face and a better voice..."

I couldn't help but chuckled at the last sentence.

"...is true Tom. I got it far more than you, so how come they choose you over me? I couldn't think of any reason rather than you probably used chárm on them, just like the story you told me about your late girlfriend. I håted the fact that you are going to be bigger than me with the special attention that was given to you. I started plotting on how to take you off the way. I thought Madam Kash was my only ticket to riches, that was where I miss it.."

He swallowed hard before he continued

"...yes, I have a hand in the attack. I masterminded it Tom. I also try to attack that your woman, the lady that saved your life, none of my plans was fruitful. I'm glad that none of all my many bad plans succeeded. I regrët everything and didn't know life will pay me back this way. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me someday. One of the men that attácked you was trying to blackmail me, he almost rendered me broke, while the other one is déãd. He was shot during a fight, I have no hand in it. I don't know about the other, guess he left the street to hustle legit. I'm sorry Tom, deeply in regret of everything. You can send the police to arrest me, now that I have confessed, I'm burden free than I have ever been. God has always come through for you, keep holding him tight because there's no other logic reason how you survived that attãçk except God. Sometimes, your believe and faith in God scares me but I'm glad you're strongly rooted..."

I later had to dismissed John in my business.

I told him that I forgiven him and won't take any legal action against him but he should stay clear my business and me.

He agreed and thanked me for not arresting him.

I had to employ another to take up his position.

I told Omie about John and she began to thank God on my behalf.

She said it can only be God.

That I'm very certain that if not for God's protection over me, men would have taken me off like weed, burn me into ashes and I will be forgotten.

I still thank God for Omie, all i had today was through her.

God positioned the right people on my way so that I won't become a tool for the enemy.

We hanged out after fellowship one day, Yoara, Omie and i

Omie is always fun and interesting to hang out with

I'm always carried away with everything about her

Yoara likes her too

Who wouldn't love such a beautiful soul, a dedicated child of God, who do not worship God by lips but by action.

Goodness is already part of her being and you can't help but appreciate the good woman in her.

I just wish she had given me a chance, I wish she found me worthy of her and accept my proposal.

Although I'm coming to term with the fact that she belongs to God and if in the future she wants to settle down, maybe with someone better off.

I'm trying to zero my mind on ever having her as my wife but I'm still finding it difficult.

Despite how hard it may seem, I'm still trying to respect her wish.

I trust God, who has always made away to send a woman for me whom I will make my wife.

Love and cherish as Christ love the church.

When we returned home that day, Yoara suddenly said something that got my attention.

"I can't get her off my mind, I can't also dény the fact that I love her.."

My heart skipped as I thought of Omie.

".. she's not only beautiful but have the fear of God, she is the exact opposite of Chumi when it comes to godliness. I have finally found the woman that God created out from my ribs.."

I chuckled just to make light the words coming out of his mouth

How can Yoara fall in love with the same woman that I'm after.

Why will he say that he can't get her off his mind

What if he makes his intentions known and Omie accept him?

What if he's referring to another woman and not Omie?

But his description fit that of Omie and I just don't want to ask or allow him say anything further as I picked up my car key.

I told him I was going to get something outside.

I walked out of the house for my own peace of mind and I intend to stay out until night approach.

I don't know why I still feel this way when it comes to Omie.

But I silently hope Omie will also turn down Yoara's proposal if he happens to approach her.

Maybe I need to travel home for sometime, to see my mother and my sisters and also my daughter

I will stay with them a little, before returning back.

Maybe changing location for sometime will help my mind and bring me back to reality because right now Omie is all that consùmes my head.



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