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Just a little sin episode (9&10)


Episode 9

I sat there speechless and so was my father.

Odez, Mudi's father asked again

"Why the silent my friend? I don't know the full details yet surrounding the reason for your son to apply love spell on her and now she's pregnant. But when one is in love he can do crazy things... except... except he was only doing it for fun or to get back at someone and it all backfires but he's should be very grateful to his mother that he's still alive. But my major problem now is why are you two keeping mute over my question? Who prepared the portion? who's behind this kind of foolish act because is obvious the person is an amateur or he just decided to do something as senseless as this. No real forewarning, excessive use of ingredients, he used what's meant for good for bad and that alone makes me want to strangle whoever that was.."

"Is your son, Mudi.." my father said Shockingly.

He paused and continued

 "...But in his defense is not his fault. Mudi only wanted to help Tomasi in achieving his childish aim, he meant no harm. Yes, it was a foolish act but you know how young minds can be. They always want to experiment and try new things. Please, don't punish him Odez, is not the young man's fault. He was only trying to help but not very sure of what he was actually doing. I apologise on his behalf... please.

Before my father will finish he began shouting Mudi's name.

He walked down close to the main house which was several feet away from his shrine

In no time Mudi ran out and came running towards him.

Due to the distance, I couldn't hear clearly what they were saying but I can see that the man was really angry.

His father strike him across the face first and he fell down and stood up again.

He began to scold and shout at Mudi, asking him why he did what he did.

Mudi began to cry after several hitting from his father

My father turned to me and said

"You see, can you see what you've caused for the innocent boy. Tomasi, did you see the trouble you caused for Mudi? I was never stubborn or self centered when I was young. None of my children are, so I don't know where you got your behavior from. You're different from all my children, and the difference I mean is in a bad way. Look at the trouble you brought to the innocent boy, see how angry his father is? Look at Oni, she's here and we're all here because of the trouble you brought to her and the entire family..."

Mudi was saying something to his father while crying.

His father left him after saying something like a warning back to him.

He walked back to us and came straight at me.

Fear gripped me

He asked for Oni's name and she told him. He curved a smile, pat her gently on the back before asking Oni to go sit outside the shrine environment and she did.

I later saw Mudi walking back to the father's shrine with Larry, where we were seated.

They stood just at the exact place that the father pointed out for them to stand.

He focused his attention on me

"I was just told that is because you wanted to get even with one of your friend or formal school mate that made you use a love portion on the lady.. Oni? Why... what type of foolish thought is that Tomasi. You're not the father of her child but you can't run from the curse you brought upon yourself. You just jeopardize alot of brightness for yourself and the lady. There's consequences for every action and yours haven't come yet, it will come when you didn't expect it. Is only a stubborn fly that follows corpse to the grave. You will have to marry Oni before she gives birth, she has become yours but you have to look for the father of that baby and pay him double for a plot of land. This are all part of the consequences Tomasi. Mudi and Larry will be severely punished for having a hand in all of this. What is meant for good should never be used for evil..."

He turned to my father and said

"...Uga, this is all on your son, don't blame yourself because he became a man from 16years and looking at him he is around 20years. He took his decision, he choose the part he wants to trade. Not all road leads to a good destination. He should really be grateful that he's still alive because he should have been a dead man long time ago if not for his kind mother. Many of this danger will be averted for him if whoever he collected the lady from marries a relative of his. the boy will have to either marry either a relative by blood or any lady close to his heart. Even if Tomasi decided to fight it, this the law of attraction, uty will pull the two string together and no matter how he fights it will happen except Tomasi mother breaks the string just like she did with Oni and Tomasi. I don't know how she will do it but she has become the only saving grace in all of this. But not everything can be redeemed, Tomasi will still face some of the actions of his deed..."

I looked at Larry and Mudi's face to let them know that I was disappointed that they did not let me know the danger I was getting into before releasing the love portion.

I know I desperately wanted to have Oni so that Juru will know what I'm capable off and I wasn't ready to listen to any reason but Mudi should have done it right.

He made a dangerous mistake by using excessive ingredients that wasn't meant to be in the love portion, now I have to suffe for the whole mistake.

Maybe the first one that failed was a warning sign but indeed I was too strong headed and refused to let It go.

Mudi did it again and over did it, his only warning to me was that Oni will hate me. 

He didn't tell me any other thing associated with the portion.

He didn't even say that Oni will want to kill me, what if my mother did not pay any attention to Oni or cares about her, that's how I would have become a dead man.

That was really an expensive mistake

Their punishment is a child's play compared to mine.

I looked at them as I stood to leave, while my father was talking to Odez, Mudi's father. Probably pleading on my behalf.

Mudi and Larry looked back at me angrily, indicating that I was the one that got them into whatever trouble they were in.

I sighed and walked away.

This whole thing is too much for one small thing I did, I didn't kill anyone why all this curse.

 I only applied love portion why should I get all this punishment.

I didn't even know that Oni was already pregnant with another man's child.

Now, Molly and Juru are connected by some strange string of attraction because of me but that won't work out and now I'm being forced to marry Oni.

Juru can never have my sister, never, ever. Molly deserve better except if that's not what Odez meant.

Odez mentioned giving out money worth two plot of land to the father of the child.

I don't even know who Oni is pregnant for.

I really need to clear my head right now, I never bargained for any of this.

Is way too much for just a little sin.


Episode 10

I have gone looking for Juru to ask him twice if he was Oni's baby's father.

He denied having anything intimate with Oni, he began cursing and insulting me for coming to ask him such question.

I even told him that money will be given to whoever is the father of the baby.

Juru said he doesn't need my money but if I want some of his own then he can help my wretched life with few coins.

He accused me of trying to bribe him into accepting a baby that isn't his.

He said after getting Oni pregnant, I'm going about looking for who will father my child.

He wasn't stupid and since Oni is my wife, the baby is obviously mine. I should try to carry my burden rather than looking for an escape route.

It was a total waste of time trying to talk to him but I didn't fail to warn him about my sister.

Juru replied that it was because of my sister he haven't called his dogs on me, next time I come asking him such a thing, he won't hesitate to deal with me.

I will try to fulfil some of the things I can to avoid further harm on anyone but there are limit to things I can actually do.

The marriage was arranged, it was not something loud, just two families coming together and one will be going back with goodies which includes money, clothes, food and a whole lot of other things.

My father with mama made all the arrangements before inviting Oni's father over.

Oni's father and step mother rushed down immediately they got the news of Oni getting married.

"Is good as your family decided to have her and pay her bride price, I thought she was going to end up with a man for free because we were ready to give her out to any man that shows interest, without collecting anything in return. Really wanted to get rid of her because she was much of a burden to us..." Oni's stepmother said to my mother

"That's a cruel thing to say. Getting rid of her because she was a burden? How exactly is a beautiful and sweet girl like Oni a burden? That girl is strong, humble, kind and teachable. She might be rebellious because you did not hide the fact that you detest her and her father did not make it any easy too.."

Oni's step mother waved off my mother's words

"She's a burden, I really don't know how you managed to cope with her but Oni is a handful. She is just like her late mother, trying to dominate and overshadow everywhere, she was always acting like she was the most beautiful but not knowing her reign won't be for long. She's just as stubborn as her mother.."

I might not fancy Oni but that her step mother is very shrewd to say such.

She should atleast respect the dead. 

Oni once told mama that they were besties. her mother was a good friend to her step mother. Oni's mother stood by her after her husband drove her out and marry another.

Her step mother was living with Oni's mother before her sudden illness which started after giving birth to Oni and she died few months after.

Her step mother has no child. Oni is the only legitimate child of her father and I guess that is why the shrewd woman seem pained.

Just then Oni rushed out of the room, picked up the nearest stick she saw and went straight to her step mother with so much rage.

Mama quickly blocked her immediately she saw her rushing towards her step mother

",If you ever say anything about my mother again, I will hit you untill you're confirmed dead, as cold as my mother was before she was buried. I'm ready to face the consequences of murder..."

My mother was still holding onto Oni as she pointed the stick towards her step mother.

The woman retreated back in fear.

 She said while pointing back at Oni.

"This is exactly thing I was saying. We're better off without her. Good riddance, getting rid of her is absolutely the best. How happy I was when I was told you refused to return back after following a man to wander off. I celebrated with my husband. Now, is going to be just me with my husband, nobody will come inbetween us. You will be forever forgotten just like your mother..,"

Oni charged towards her and before my mother could get hold of her she hit her step mother with the stick.

The woman fell to the ground screaming, Oni was about hitting her again when I rushed and try to collect the stick but she refused to release it, she hit me on the shoulder with the stick.

It was very painful but I have to be a man.

My mother was the only one she willingly gave the stick to.

Oni's father rushed down with my father immediately Oni's stepmother released a serious scream.

She began to narrate how Oni started hitting her when she came to drop a farewell wish, she said she only wanted to wish her a happy married life.

Oni's father began to scold his daughter, asking why she will raise a hand on his wife.

My mother try to explain what happened but the man who obviously cared so much about his wife was not ready to hear it.

The whole act appears like he was under the influence of something or just being controlled by the wife.

"I'm very much happy that I'm no longer under your care or custody. i sometimes wish I was dead like mother because two of you makes life unbearable for me. It would have been better to be dead than to have a father like you.."

Oni said before turning to leave

"You can join your mother if you wish, you're of no use to us..." The father said after her

The stepmother added " what is your use to us? Your father is better off without a child like you. Is better to be childless than having one like you. Look at your shameless self, already pregnant out of wedlock and the young man here is being forced to marry you because he had no choice. Aren't you supposed to be hiding your face in shame. Well, atleast we will still get a small token as your bride price. You're not worth much, so your death will absolutely means nothing to us. Your mother must be waiting at the other side for you, say hi whenever you decide to go join her.."

My mother angrily cautioned her as she asked them to stay outside until Oni is ready for the bride price exchange

My father took Oni's father outside to speak to him.

Oni's stepped mother walked out to meet her husband.

Mother went in to speak to Oni.

I heard her scolding her

"You should never ever wish death upon yourself no matter what. Mother nature may take your words serious and decide to grant your wishes. Death shouldn't be spoken around you, especially not in your condition. Is very bad Oni, in your quiet time reject every word you spoke out of anger, I will also do same on your behalf. if you're not important to them, you're very important to us Oni. I thank God for bringing you into our lives, you bring so much happiness and light to our home. You will always be my daughter and I will care for you like I do to the children from my womb. No harm must come to you or the child you carry Oni. You have to fulfil the destiny your mother couldn't..due to her untimely death. I know that she will want you to excel and become a great woman. I'm not sure she will be happy if you fail or give more room for your step mother to rejoice over your defeat. Don't ever speak of death the way you did today.. please. Listen to me, If you don't feel ready doing any of this then don't do it but if you really want to do it then let's proceed. Don't listen or take to heart whatever your father or step mother says.."

I stood by the door watching her held my mother, she actually needed that hug and my mother's knows the exact suiting words to calm her down.

Oni was sobbing quietly as she began to say

"That woman was my mother's friend, my mother accommodated her when she was driven out by her first husband. I was told that after my mother became pregnant, my father showered my mother with so much affection, my step mother became bitter and started acting cold towards my mother. After my mother had me, she became very ill but managed to nurse me for several months before her untimely death. A kind neighbor was always coming to care for me after then because my step mother says she was not very patient with kids. In no time after my mother's passing, she became my father's wife and they both made life miserable for me but I was a stubborn child and did not make it any easy for them. I thought of running away many times but there was nowhere to run to. Tomasi might have used a love spell on me but it works out for my good. It brought me to you and you gave me undiluted motherly care I never had. I should hate Tomasi for doing such but I seriously have no hate in me for him. You're like the mother I never had, you're the only one I love and respect so much and if it won't offend you then I'm not ready for this forced marriage and I'm sure Tomasi isn't ready for it either. I want my father and step mother to leave, they don't deserve anything from me not even the bride price. Let them go please.."

My mother assured her that everything will be fine and her wishes are well respected.

Watching all of this unfold I felt a very soft spark for Oni and didn't mind getting married to her.

despite I wasn't ready for this whole marriage thing and suppose to be rejoicing now that Oni want It cancelled, yet I was ready to do anything to make Oni happy. I felt a special spark that wasn't there before for her.

I wish to go on with the marriage, maybe I was too stubborn to see that Oni was the woman for me all this while.

Marriage will brings lots of good emotions for us but since she wasn't ready, then is totally fine.

Indeed her parent doesn't deserve a sweet soul like Oni neither do they deserve all the bride price gift we were going to give out to them.

I will wait until Oni's is ready, maybe after she put to bed.

Once she delivers of the baby then we can get married and live as husband and wife.

But for now let me focus on supporting Oni and becoming responsible for Oni and the baby sake.

Even though Oni refused to tell me who the father of her baby is and Juru also denied having anything with her, I will try to start practicing now how to be a good father to Oni's baby. My baby.



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