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Just a little sin (final episode)



Yoara had confessed the following day that his woman crush was Lydia and he wanted to fully make his intentions known.

He asked me what I think, if he should proceed or wait.

I must say that I was so relieved when he said it was Lydia and not Omie.

I opened up to how his words affected my emotional state last night because I thought he was referring to Omie.

He chuckled loudly before telling me that Omie only have eyes on me.

He said he saw the way she looks at me and I also looks at her and thought we are already an item

I told him Omie does not look at me in any special way, she turned down my proposal and wants us to be just friends.

Yoara said maybe I have eyes but cannot see clearly

He pointed out again that Omie likes me and he asked me when last I made my intention known.

I told him is over six months, which was before she traveled

Yoara asked me to go to her again and propose.

I told him that he was cräzy, did he want Omie to finally kick me off the friend zone

I appreciate the fact that we're still friends and wouldn't want to loose her friendship.

She may get angry and I don't want that.

After letting me know that she wasn't interested and not ready to date anyone, I still went ahead to disturb her with the same request, that won't sit well with her.

Yoara said is because I wasn't persistent, if I have kept up with all seriousness, Omie would have accepted.

Why should i continue bothering her when she had already made it clear that she wasn't going to accept my proposal.

I have always learnt to respects people's wishes.

Because I wouldn't want someone disturbing me with the same request that I have already declined.

I told Yoara that it was good as I respected her and didn't go about troubling her again and maybe God will lay it in her heart to consider me

And if she finally have a change of heart, that will be glorious but is over six months yet she haven't mentioned it, which means I don't stand a chance and it would have been a good thing to move on and forget everything about making her my woman because is obviously a waste of time wishing in what i can't get

Yoara nodded in agreement but still insist that I mention it to her again.

I didn't know what to do with such advice, I was also careful not to offend Omie but I was ready to try again as I pray in my heart that Omie won't be offended.

I asked Yoara to go ahead and let his feeling known to Lydia.

They will make a perfect match if Lydia agrees.

It worked out perfectly and without wasting time, the wedding plans begins.

A month went by and I was still contemplating on how to approach Omie

The wedding day for Yoara and Lydia was fixed.

I like the new man that Yoara has become, not the man that Chumi left out of him.

He was vibrant, he was serious with the things of God and did not for one day brood over the past that he had with Chumi.

Yoara and Lydia loved each other and put God first in everything.

Is something I admired greatly as I kept thinking of the perfect time to approach Omie again.

Omie was also helping in Yoara's wedding planning as she has come to know Lydia and they've become friends.

She's also into event planning and had four ladies working for her.

It was during the whole planning that I decided to take her out for lunch that weekend.

 when I asked her if she will love to chill out with me after church that very Sunday, she was excited and said yes.

"You must have noticed how exhausted I have been this past week, I just needed a get away time to relax and I'm glad you asked... thanks"

She had said to me with the purest smile.

I drove down to pick her that evening and we went to her favorite restaurant and had our different meal

 we talked about other things, I avoided saying exactly what I had in mind.

It was after the whole meal, while sipping our different cocktails that I summoned courage to ask her

But as I opened my mouth to speak, the whole courage that I have initially summoned left me

"You have something bothering you Tom, why not spill it out, do you have anything you wish to say to me..?

I said some audible words that came out like a stammer 

I wondered why I was unstable and began to stutter.

I was going to make a foøl of myself if I continue this way.

I cleared my throat and try to think of a way to present it to her.

"...mmhm! Whatever you're about to say must be very heavy. Let me guess, you're about to ask me to marry you.. again?

She paused with a straight face

I was wondering who told her, how did she know what I was about to say.

Is she offended by that? That's what I have been trying to avoid.

Could it be Yoara that told her" I wondered within me.

"... for your information, Your brother never said anything to me. I just knew it and I have prayed severally about it and I'm convinced in my spirit that you're the man for me Tomasi.."

How is she able to read my thoughts?

How did she know everything that I have in mind to say.

I'm not really sure that i heard her right.

Well, actually heard but I'm not sure I understood.

"I didn't really hear what you said Omie.."

I said gently to her.

"I'm sure you heard but still need reassuring..."

She chuckled a little expressing so much inner happiness and peace

I felt relaxed seeing her smile

"...are you still interested in marrying me.." she asked smiling.

I didn't even allow her to finish her sentences when I jumped up and screamed "Yes, yes Omie, I will marry you..."

Some people seated in the restaurant looked towards our direction but I did not care

What matters to me is the woman sitting in front of me that was finally making my dreams come true.

"When you scream like that, you will make people to think that I'm actually proposing to you and that's why you're jumping and screaming Yes..."

I began to laugh as I found my voice again

"I don't really care Omie, let them think whatever they like. Is this really happening, If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up.."

"Is not a dream Tom. You're a good man, a man who put God first before anyone or anything, you're truthful and hard-working, you're not moved by the worldly pleasure, if not Madam Kash could have enticed you with her many goodies. You're kind and humble. Your love for God is what I admire most, then the handsome man that you've become. I will be more blessed to be your wife Tom. I'm sure God approves of this..."

I was speechless as I bent my head, shut my eyes a muttered "thank you Jesus"

That was how our Own wedding was scheduled right after Yoara and Lydia.

My parents came to witness the two wedding, Yoara's and mine which took place in the city.

 Omie's family where around including Jeremiah, her cute son.

My daughter Onmi who was growing too fast and has a striking resemblance with her mother was around.

People thought she was Omie's daughter due to they have almost same facial features.

I got married to Omie and became a married man.

We moved to a bigger apartment as we started building a bigger mansion which we will move into once the building is completed.


Onmi opted to continue staying with my Mom but promises to come for holiday whenever school is on break.

Molly my sister was married to a business man and they live in a Faraway town.

Faithi, my second sister was in a nursing school

My Mom only had Onmi with her in the house.

They were attached to each other and not ready to let go.

My friends back in the village had alot to gain from me and I made sure after the physical goodies, I give them the everlasting blessing which is newness in Christ.

Juru was locked up for crashing down a man's multi million business with his power bike, he loosed control if his bike and it resulted to a terrible accidént.

He has several injuries too, and it was after he recovered from the accident that he was arrested when he couldn't pay for all the damages.

Juru is the real father of Onmi.

Oni made me promise not to tell anyone who the real father of her daughter is.

She asked me to be a father to her instead and I will continue to try to be the best Dad.

assured Oni before she diéd that her secret will remain safe with me and it will be so.

Omie do not really care who Onmi's father really is, she never asked me again ever since I said that the girl is mine.

Omie is the only that I can tell every secret of my life because we've become one in Christ, in body and also connected in wholeness.

There is no secret among us.

But she doesn't really care about my past, is our fellowship with God and man that matters most to her.

Onmi takes my daughter as her own and do not care who her real dad is

She believes that the girl is mine and that's enough.

We later had a son whom we named Timothy

We've our own bible study day where families and friends gathers with us and we study together.

We're deeply dedicated in service to God and focused on our heavenly race

God didn't promised to make the journey smooth but he said he will always be there guiding and sustaining us with strength so that we may not fall.

God has kept his word in our lives and fulfilled his promises.

 despite how rough the beginning was, a walk with him has changed my life and made me a better man.

I have my Omie beside me in this journey, what more can I ask for.

Everything I have ever wanted, God has given me.

I'm a blessed man.

Sin couldn't stop the glory of God in my life.

I overcame all through his grace

I have also come to realize that no sin is little

Sin is sin and God håtes all form of unholiness.

If you love the Lord, you will avoid everything that displeases him

No matter how heavy the stumbling block maybe, we will still overcome.

For though we walked through the valley shadows of dëath, we will féâr no evil.

until my last breath on earth, I will continue to serve the Lord

For in him I live, in him I breath and in him I have my being.

The End

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