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Just a little sin episode (7&8)


Episode 7

"Pregnant for me, no... you're not sure of what you're saying.."

I replied her and try to remind her that we haven't gotten intimate before so how's is It possible that she will be pregnant for me. How exactly is that possible?

"I don't know but we have been living together as couple Tomasi, how exactly am I pregnant? No, you answer me. Did I drink the pregnancy from water or From food, oh wait..I might have gotten it from breathing in air..."

She was begining to annoy me but I will rather let it slide.

This maybe part of the reasons I wanted her gone, I was only trying to avoid further problem but the more I try to run from trouble the more troubles I get into.

I have tried to explain to my mother and even my father that I don't know anything about Oni's pregnancy

I never touched her, never laid with her.

My mother believed me but not totally, from her eyes i can see she was still having her doubts

My father didn't believe me anything I said, just as expected but I was done trying to convince him.

He hauls his usual insults and shouts. Telling me that i never obeyed or respected his words and that's why he never takes anything concerning me serious, he mentioned Yoara my step brother who was already doing well in the big city but I'm just causing troubles in the village.

He said he warned me not to get intimate with Oni in her condition yet I did.

He said I took advantage of her knowing well she was under the influence of love spell that I deliberately placed on her because of my selfish reasons, and now she is pregnant with my child.

After the whole bashing, he concluded that he will take Oni and I to see Mudi's father to take off the spell which has refused to leave her and this time around he meant it.

I came back home asking Oni how she became pregnant and she thought I was being sarcastic by asking such question.

Oni is the only one that can bail me out of the present situation but even as I asked her calmly in private, seeking for the truth she kept saying that I'm the father of her baby.

I know she was still under the love spell and does not know exactly what she is saying but sometimes she act like she actually knows exactly what she does, she behaves differently, it appears more like she was pretending.

I can't tell or explain it but my guts tell me something is amidst

"The evening I saw you, were you returning from Juru's place? I asked her without thinking, I just needed an Answer

"Which of the evenings, o can't remember? Juru... I have nothing with him and have absolutely no reason to visit him. So I don't know what you're talking about.."

It was a total waste of time asking or trying to make her say the truth.

I will not accept this pregnancy no matter how they try to rub it all over me.

I was ready for the spell to be removed and also ready for whatever consequences that comes with it.

During this difficult peroid of my life, I didn't forget Molly.

I was planning on meeting Juru first, to ask him some questions concerning Oni's pregnant, hoping to get a positive answer even though we're rivals or better still enemies but something as crucial as this, he won't hesitate to let it out. Is a personal issue and needed to be attended to and I will make sure I get to the root of it.

While planning on how to go meet Juru not minding the insult i will get in return but meeting him is very necessary.

 I was equally watching Molly closely.

I don't joke with my two sisters and won't allow anybody to mess around with them.

During that planning peroid, I finally got the chance to follow Molly that evening to her hide out, where she meets with her lover, whoever that might be

I disguised and followed her that evening, I discovered they have a particular time they set out for their meeting.

The way young girls were either dying in the hand of their lover or getting pregnant, or even charmed with love spell, it was really alarming and very scary. I have to do everything to protect my own from getting hurt.

I'm looking out for my own sisters and they will never be a victim of any of the recent happening.

Not when I'm still alive, never.

I planned on warning off whoever the little boy that Molly was seeing secretly, today will be the end of their secret love. 

Molly is too young for anything relationship.

I followed unnoticed until I arrived at the place and there they were, very close to each other.

She was relaxing on the arm of her lover, laughing like she was being tickled under the armpit.

What type of rubbish act is this? I asked myself as I watched them, disgusted by the whole show.

The young man's head was bent, I couldn't see him clearly but he was sitting on a motor bike bending over.

Well, atleast he was well to do, if he can afford a motor bike, it only means he was either from a rich home or he was rich.

Atleast Molly has a good test, if the guy looks responsible I may let them be but with a warning.

 teenage love is awkward. Very funny sight to behold. I chuckled as I began moving closer to them.

I was few feet away when I suddenly startled from who I was seeing, I freezed at the spot as I looked at his face

My blood boil, sweat broke out of my forehead. veins shoot out of my fist.

Juru has chew more than he can swallow and I will teach him a bitter lesson that he will never forget in a haste.

Of all the whole ladies in his league why my sister?

Why did he choose my sister, I guess to get back at me. 

He was using Molly as a bait to deal with me for taking Oni 

He just stepped on a Lion's tail, he won't get away with it.

I rushed towards him like a prey, bounced on him and began to pound like when using a mortar to pound yam. 

I was maximising my big chance without giving room for him to overpower me.

Molly, my sister who was supposed to be helping me out as her elder brother was busy screaming and hitting my back.

She scratch and bite me like a cat and when I remained unmoved, she pick up a stick and hit me right at the back of my head, I saw a thousand stars as I fell off to the ground, which gives Juru enough chance to throw me over but instead of giving me several punch as expected, just like I did to him he stood and said.

"For the sake of the love I have for Molly I won't fight you Tomasi. We can't both be mad at same time.."

"You're just a coward Juru. Stay away from my sister...come after me like a man but keep your distance from my sister. Don't use her to get to me, leave her out of our rivalry.."

I replied as I got up from the ground, holding the exact spot that Molly hit me. I approach Juru angrily.

"I can't fight you Tomasi, you're my soon to be in-law, so I will rather respect you instead, for the sake of Molly my love.

I spat on the ground right in front of him, I made sure that part of my saliva splash on him.

I looked at Molly who was standing beside Juru. I silently hope Molly was doing all of this with a clear eyes not under any love spell

I thought of what to say that will cause confusion and make Molly to leave, if I try to force her it will result to more rebellious act and insult to my personality.

the right thing settle just in time in my head.

"Does Molly knows about you and Oni? I hate to break it to you this way that Oni is carrying your baby, she is pregnant with your child.."

He looked at me with and began to laugh

"How is that even possible? You're not making sense Tomasi, Molly must really hit you hard on the head, that's the only explanation why you're talking nonsense. Your supposed wife is carrying my child? Isn't that abomination in where you come from, because as far as I'm concerned is a big taboo for another man to pregnant a married woman..."

"I never touched Oni, I never slept with her even once and she's not my wife. You were supposed to be the last man she met before coming to my side and that makes you father to her baby..."

"Is that what she told you? Oni is your wife and not mine. You called her your bride and you the groom, have you forgotten? As you can see Molly is the woman for me and if Molly says she's pregnant now then I can boldly agree without doubts but how do you want me to respond to this your claims. Doesn't it sounds funny in your own ears? I have nothing with Oni, you have a full package now Tomasi. You married wife on credit without paying a dime, now she is with a child for you... congratulations. You're indirectly a full family man but try and pay up her bride price, if you need money I can lend you some..."

My sister wasn't moved by anything I said, I have to use another method I never intended using before.

I walked up to Molly and dragged her with force 

I held on tight as she twist and turn, it was all in vain.

I was taking her home if she likes it or not.

"I don't have time to start trading words with you Juru. Stay away from my sister or this will bring your doom quicker than you expected.."

"Molly is mine, you can't stop our love for each other Tomasi. Becarful with her because if she gets injured you have also injured my fragile little heart. you can have Oni and her baby, I don't care at all, they're all yours. Molly is enough for me.."

Juru said as he accompany his words with a mockery laugh that makes my jaw moved uncontrollably.

I really wanted to deal with him right that moment but I concentrated on Molly who kept struggling with me.

I didn't reply Juru, as I dragged my sister home, ignoring her whimpering and annoying cry along the road


Episode 8

We finally matched that early morning to see Mudi's father.

I have already informed Larry a day before and it didn't sit well with him.

He asked me to find a way to make my father change his mind because coming to see Mudi's father will be like a bomb, it will blow up alot of things.

We will all get into trouble if any of that happened. 

Larry said Mudi's father is a very hardened man and will definitely punish his son if he finds out that he was the person that prepared the love portion without his knowledge.

After listening to Larry, I decided to discourage my father from going, I even told him that I have accepted Oni's pregnancy and ready to be a father to her baby, even though I still don't know who's responsible for her pregnancy.

My father refused and said Oni's condition is very critical because she's pregnant and still under the influence of love cast

Is a very dangerous thing and he does not want trouble to be brought to his home.

If things are not fixed now, it may breed lots of unwanted namesis 

My father promised to leave Mudi out of It all, he said we won't mention who gave me the love portion, we will only focused on getting Oni back to normal.

I was really grateful and thanked him.

The first day, very early in the morning my father came over and said we should all leave to see Mudi's father.

Oni said she was too tired and can't find her strength. Mama said we should leave her due to her condition, while my father said he will get a motorbike to carry her but Oni said she doesn't feel like leaving at all maybe another day but definitely not that first day. She wanted to stay with Mama, we should go without her.

Is a good thing that she was getting really attached to Mama and not me but she still have to come with us.

My father had to leave, and go back to his house because is obvious Oni was not ready to go anywhere. She clung unto mama like her life depends on her.

Whatever love magic remaining in her knew what was about to happen and didn't want to let go of her.

Different ideas were traveling around my head.

Even the second time my father came, Oni wasn't still ready, she bluntly refused.

I was really getting irritated and pissed off with the whole thing and even scolded her but she was having a tongue of a serpent and she fired back her own insult.

I began to wonder if the love magic in her has truly expired because although she has been giving me threats of hate but at same time convering it up with lots of affection, I really don't know what to believe anymore.

It will be a good thing if the love portion has expired and she is free but after the few insults she rained on me she still rounded it up with affection by apologizing and professing love again, she then embraced me and held on tight.

I told her to please leave me alone as I gently pushed her off.

My father asked me to convince her so that she can follow us because is all for her own good and mine too.

He said I'm the only one that can do that.

I tried talking to her that night in a very loving manner but she still refused.

I asked mama to help me out.

My mother only asked her once and she agreed to follow us.

When my father came the fourth time, she changed her mind that she wasn't going again but Mama came out and persuaded her to join us. 

This time around, I was not having it and was ready to force her on the motorbike that my Dad rode down. But Oni willingly followed us as my mother kept encouraging her. 

I sat behind her and off we go.

We arrived at Mudi's father house early that morning and met the man preparing something in a burning pot close to his shrine.

He was hardly seen, he does not move about easily except mostly in the Forest or among bushes either searching for one leaf, herb or one flower or the other.

My father greeted him like a friend and he responded so well

He looked over at me and back at Oni who was sitting close to the shrine, on top of a heavy stone rolled to one side of the hut.

"Hey, young woman stand up from that stone. You shouldn't sit in such a stone because of the child you carry.."

"Oh! you already know she is pregnant?

My father asked, I also wondered how he got to know.

"Nothing is hidden under the sun Uga my friend.." Mudi's father replied

"... so why have you all come this early?that's your son Tomasi right, the stubborn one.This particular son of yours took your character to some extent. The only different is that he's not into many women like you were in his days..."

I watched as they both laughed it off. Mudi's father presented a chair and we all sat

"..Uga, if you have come for me to carry out an abortion on her, I don't do abortion. I never did and no matter what I won't start it now. I hate to disappoint but there are things forbidden for me to do.."

"No..no, that is never the reason we came. She was cast under a love spell and she neither knows what she does or who she is. I'm here for you to take it off Odez. I will pay you if money is required.." my father replied almost immediately.

Mudi's father was quiet. He moved close to Oni and placed the back of his hand on her chest, then back at her forehead, Then he checked her palm.

I watched as he bent to check her eyes puppy, he focused on the white part of the eyes.

After checking he walked back to the exact place he was standing before.

I looked at Oni, she looked back at me and smile.

Yea, that's mostly the dumb things she does that confuses me.

I'm not sure she knows anything happening around her most times. Sometimes it appears like she do know but most times she really don't.

She probably doesn't know where we are presently. 

Oni once said that all that matters most is whenever I'm with her but I don't think such is still applicable because she recently attached her self more with Mama than with me. 

She used to say that we can be in the darkest night and she still will see me clearly. We can be in the middle of a noisy market square and she can still hear my heartbeat.

Those love poetic lines are cool but I really don't fancy them. 

All I looked forward everyday is to have my life back. I want to have full control of my world and don't need some pregnant Oni in it.

I'm still trying to keep Molly in check, I have warned her, reported to mama who warned her seriously.

Molly is acting weird, even though she hardly sneak out like before I know maybe cooking a plan but I'm not giving room for her to execute whatever she has in mind.

If Juru is the last man on Earth, I won't still allow her close to him, she will rather remain single instead.

Oni tied me down with all of this drama, I really wanted to monitor every of Molly's movement and that of Juru too but I don't always have the time.

 I know I'm to be blamed for all this, I regretted everything now.

"Who gave your son the love portion, how did he gets it? He asked, bringing my thoughts back to the present

 My father looked at me before trying to speak but Odez, Mudi's father interrupted again

"... there used to be a love cast on her but not anymore. This young lady here is in total control of her heart, mind, soul and entire being.."

I looked at Oni and her eyes remained straight, she was staring at nothing.

"I knew it, I thought as much. I perceived that you were pretending.."

I said out loud to her. she looked at me for a while before looking away.

"...I was told she was going to hate me after the love spell falls off her eyes but none of that happened except for few exchange of hateful words which she will still apologise just immediately. I'm confused.." I said to Odezi, Mudi's father.

"A genuine love and care of either any of your closest relative defiles that part. But whoever that prepared the spell did not mixed up with the right ingredients portion. The quantities are much more than what is required and she may be in dangerous state or her baby due to that but I can try to see a way out of it. Like I was saying, Somebody related to you by blood broke the power of the hate because she would have tried to kill you or even stab you in your sleep if the hate part wasn't overpowered with true love..."

He paused and looked at her for a while, he moved closer and rubbed her palm severally.

He asked her to pour saliva into his palm and she did.

He rubbed the saliva on one particular leaf, lift it to the early morning sun before bringing it down.

He said 

"...It could be your mother that defiled it. This lady here had never really experience motherly love and care but your mother gave her a heavy dose of that, she accepted and treated her like her own. A motherly love she never had probably because something happened to her own mother way too early, either when she was a few years old child or an infant..."

Mudi's father is right. My mother indeed took Oni as her own. After discovering that her father and step mother did not care about her when she went to report Oni's whereabouts to them and in the process mama discovered Oni had lost her mother at a very tender age. Mama never stopped taking care of Oni after then. she sometimes plaits her hair, wash her clothes, cooks and serve her like a first daughter.

 After finding out that Oni was pregnant, Mama believed it to be mine and doubled up the care. 

Now, I understand why Oni did not want to come because she knew we will discover the truth

Oni did not want to go back to her place either because of the motherly affection from mama, something she never had.

Oni would have probably killed me if not that the aftermath of the love cast was rendered useless through the help of mama who does not even know that she was saving the life of her only son while caring for Oni.

It all began to make sense now.

Odez, Mudi's father continued

"..That takes me back to my question. Who did this kind of thing.. who prepared this portion that you used on her. Such a person does not deserve to be in charge of any kind of power at all. Alot of things will be destroyed and lives wasted if he is in charge, who knows how many souls that he has already destroyed while trying nature power with no experience. He will abuse the nature kind favor on mankind, and what is meant for good would be used opposite. This is not good at all and I demand to know who that is because I won't spare such a soul.."

Mudi's father barked.

My father was silent and so was I.

How can I tell this man that it was actually his son. 

He mentioned that Oni or the baby were in a bad state but he will try and fix it. I wish he could tell me who the baby's father was because Oni had refused to say.

My most worries is how to save Mudi from his father's wrath, I was the cause of all this.

My eyes is open and I wish I know better.

There's trouble now as everywhere fell silent.

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