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That same day Zity got to know of little Jon and cried her eyes out.

 Vim later surrendered all of himself to God, it was a gradual step for him, he wanted to hear how God did it for me, because the physicians told him I was dead.

I was confirmed dead to him by the physicians and they took me to be buried, he had questions and I was ready to answer him all his questions.

As we all gathered in the master’s chamber that day, Abel filled everyone present on how God works. 

Vim was in shock and couldn’t stop staring at me all through out the time we gathered there and talk about God and his great wonders to mankind.

Vim rob his eyes severally hoping that everything was a dream but I was right there despite how many time he blinked hard or pinch himself, he wanted to come to reality, he thought he was going insane.

 He became afraid of God, because he has never seen anything like this before, it was hard for him to believe that I was truly alive.

He thought he was hallucinating on seeing a suppose dead person alive again, he has wish for me to be alive and has carried my memory in his heart but now that I'm actually alive and well, it all seem unreal to him.

 He still can’t settle with it even as Abel told everyone about God.

The following day Abel baptized The Reese family, Vim inclusive who was still afraid, he was so eager to learn and to know about God.

Abel was more than willing to fill him in.

It continued that way as Vim humbled himself to Abel’s teaching, I wanted to go and visit the Adolfo’s, on my way out I heard Abel’s teaching and I have to stop by the door to listen for sometime before proceeding.

 He was not only speaking to Vim this time, Zity sat beside her brother as they have finally reconcile and their parents sat at one end

Vim and Zity were bonded again, and Zity was so happy to finally have her brother back after several years of hatred and unforgiveness.

“…I am a Christian, I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I mess up, do not judge me with the mistake of others who claim to be God’s followers, because God’s grace is far too bigger than my sins. we fail thousand and one times but God’s grace got us covered, we fall short of his glory unknowing but he is always there for us. But be careful in this things, when we see the wrongs we are not suppose to do yet we do it and then say within us that God is a merciful and forgiving God, he will understand, do not take God for granted, he knows your heart and see your secrets deeds, though God is kind and so ready to forgive and wipe off our iniquities but we should not see fire and put in our hands or lead someone into doing so, because on the last day, when we all finally breathed our last and we are presented to God to be judged, he will open up our record book…."

Abel was teaching this to them and I was enjoying every word from his mouth.

I walked past as he kept on speaking, and everyone of them were attentive.

Vim turned and looked at me before smiling shyly, I returned the smile.

he has being so quiet and also seem shy ever since he came to know that is me all this while.

He was becoming a listener more than the talkative that he use to be.

As I told everyone where I was headed, and asked if Zity can join me and she was glad to tag along side with me.

 We both visited Adolfo on a fine chariot that was assigned to me by Vim, which will take me to anywhere I decides to go.

Eura quietly informed me that she was five weeks pregnant, I was so happy for her and Adolfo.

I asked Zity to tell Adolfo about little Jon and she did, at the end, Adolfo was so happy, Eura also.

 We all visited the Merchant and his new loving wife Rhonda and also the twins, and they were happy to have us and Rhonda handed little Jon to Adolfo, it wasn’t so smooth parting with little Jon but Adolfo said she can always visit and he will sometimes brings him along and she agreed.

After few weeks Abel got married to Zity in a quiet loving wedding.

 Vim and I were no more in a haste for ours, Vim was not so carried away anymore with fantasy of having me, he knows he got me already like i assured him, but first he needed to find his footing with God, he was fully sold out for God, it wasn’t preteens, it was a realness that comes from deep within, I love him more as I watch him grow spiritually.

He said at one of our gathering one day that he wanted to build a house for God, to everyone’s amazement.

We were all happy with the news, since it has being declared all over the kingdom that anybody can worship whatever god that they find pleasing to them, both the Christians and pagan worshiper, whatever you desire, you are free to serve in same manner, every law against the Christians has being lifted off, we don’t need to hide anymore. 

Vim said he will like to build a house where all the Christians will gather together without fear and worship, I was so happy with the new development.

We proceed with the plan of building a house for God, it was a huge project.

it was the first building you will see as you enter the estate, it comes before the other houses in the Reese Estate. 

An easy access for everyone coming from different district, we both agreed to wait until the church building was done before we get married.

Eura gave birth to a baby girl and they named her after me, Tamar.

 It was a great blessing for me, and Zity conceived for Abel and just when I was getting the news for Shamara, who gave birth to a son for Tedran, Zity brought fort a beautiful baby girl who they name Leah.

 Everything was going so well, Lord Reese invited the Cozam family down to the big estate, they occupied one the houses in the estate.

Tedran and Shamara with their beautiful baby boy.

After the church was completed which took almost a year, our wedding plan proceed.

 Abel was going to be the first pastor in the church, and it was officially opened with me and Vim’s wedding.

Abel wed us in the Lord, we became husband and wife.

Vim couldn’t hide his joy neither could i.

At last we are husband and wife, after a long battle.

Lord Reese later d!ed and it was more of celebration of life than mourning, even lady Phin followed in celebrating the fact that her husband came to know God before departing this earth.

Vim became an assistant pastor along side Abel, people began to trip in from different places, it was the first church ever built in the kingdom.

people from different district came in and we welcomed them in love, the merchant and his family, Adolfo and his family, The Cozam family, and we the Reese were always present, worshiping God wholeheartedly as thousands of others joined our gathering and it became a big fellowship.

As the year goes, church were planted in all district of the kingdom, where believers who can’t come down to Reese estate because of distance are able to worship within.

In the second year of our marriage we welcomed our twins, God did not just bless us with one but two at same time.

it was too much of a miracle, God bless us with twins, a boy and a girl.

 it was really glorious, as I held my own flesh and blood in my arm, I cried out with Joy, tears run down my cheek as I stare down at my little ones, God did not just give us one but two at the same time, my heart wanted to burst out with joy.

 Vim was so happy and dances like David in the bible during the Thanksgiving.

 Everyone around rejoiced with us, as we all celebrate the twins arrival, an addition to the family, it was s wonderful to behold.

Each family keep increasing in number and more people came to know God, the Church became over thousand as people keep coming to Christ and embracing their new found faith, leaving darkness and coming to the light.

Today, as I sat in the pew with my children both on my side, as my personal maids helps me with them, i listen to Vim talk about God to the people seated, we sang worship and praise together, and our voice went so high to heaven.

 I felt a tear drop, Vim was really on fire for God and God was using him in a great way, I looked at him and shut my eye for sometime, all I wanted to tell God was “Thank you”,

I know father and mother, with Joe my brother, Kath and Deb my two sisters, Chakan and Lord Reese and also other believers who had passed away onto glory are all resting in heaven, someday we will all join them but for now we have to pasture the flocks and lead as many people as possible to Christ.

I touched my face and robbed my scar, the mark of the lion was still there, which is a clear evidence that God never forsake his own, when I left my deserted home town at a tender age, and being sold off to different slave dealers, I never knew that I was a miracle going somewhere to happen.

I was angry with God for stripping me off, when I thought I was going to loose my faith after being through so much, God used Abel to rekindled me.

I know forever all glory and honor will be given to God, who had started this race with me, it was not an easy race, a very long and tough journey.

It was not easy at all and yet he kept me and lead me till this day, he blessed me with a God fearing husband and beautiful children.

whenever i look around all I see is God's blessings, and I’m most grateful to the man who helped me and supported me through prayer and counselling, he hears from God and speak only when he is asked to speak, he was ready to remain single until God calls him home, but God got another plan for him and he blessed him with a family of his own, Abel who God set on my part to help me through, I thank God everyday for him.

It was not easy yet God made everything beautiful in his own time. 

I remain humble and grateful to him for using me to bring joy to many.

As for me and my house, we will serve the true living God till eternity.

 Hallelujah to him alone forever and ever, Amen.


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